Plea to do!

So many people out there with tonnes of ideas and ZERO execution. Like literally ZERO!

I talk to so many people on daily basis who are good at so many things and yet spend 90% of their time complaining and doing dumb shit.

“You know I think this thing will work”.

Then do it.

“You know I don’t like this course.”

Then create one for free for yourself and others on udemy and teachable. Earn credibility over time and keep putting in the content.

People are lazy to do things. Everyone wants to win marathon today! Like right now. And when you tell them that they will not have the views on YouTube and likes on Instagram and it’s a long game, they turn Netflix back on.

I know so many people who see some content on Instagram on a Monday morning and are fired up. “You know I’m gonna create my own channel to sell things” and then you see them posting “Thank god it’s Friday”.

I know that people are fancy and no one likes to put in the work. You know you could simply buy ads for 10,000 targeted audience in that $6 that you consumed for your Starbucks! Look, if you are happy, mazel tov.. go ahead consume your entire salary on Starbucks, but if you are complaining and you have plans, and yet you do dumb shit. Your shit is broken!

I run garage sale, I do plenty of stuff. I hustle my face off solving channel conflicts in furniture venture, I hustle my face off looking for new homes and ideas to make those cooler. I am one of the best known real estate guys for bigger firms, I knock the doors- Monday through Monday! I haven’t taken weekends off since last two years and I’m happy about it. The only reason I am good at selling anything I want is because I know the craft. And I learnt the craft while you were busy chasing fancy things. I have written seven books in around 13 months and I’m raring to go. None of those books are a best seller and all of them have been given for free without any ads on them. I have not spent ads on my books, and then the power of giving for free has kicked in.

One of my close friend who is also an author asked me why I was doing it for free and that it is not worth it. I don’t let anyone’s opinion of me cripple me and that’s what I did. I continued to put in the work, my words matching my ambitions and here I am, sitting with a contract with a big publishing house.

Like seriously, if you are doing nothing and you are fancy, go out there and meet fucken people. Do you know how many people I meet on a daily basis? There is something to learn from everyone. So this one guy I met this evening, started buying empty amazon boxes and then recycling them to supply again to companies. He employed people who collect boxes from our homes and he has a startup now. He didn’t start with money, and yes he was a computer science graduate who started collecting garbage, the only difference between you and him- HE IS NOT FANCY.

Please please please stop being fancy and put in some work.

Learn the stuff.

Try and test

Test and experiment

Scale up.

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