If A doesn’t work, B will. Keep testing! The key is to swing the bat.

So we tried testing out our social strategy for an event in the amazing state of Jammu and Kashmir. I’ve always believed in the power of social and ever since social has been there, I haven’t felt need to use the old methods of pamphlets and other means of conveying word to people.

My open house for Delhi Real Estate or even Agent 2019 generates around 40 workable leads every day, which is amazing and underpriced. Now when I say that, I do know that ads don’t work first time around, and there are lot of factors for you to get these to work. It also includes not putting up one dumb picture for every landing page. It does include making people click on that link. The reason lot of people fail with Instagram and facebook ads is simple. People expect magic. Just because you are putting money in ads, doesn’t mean they have to necessarily work.

We were working on lead generation for our franchise event in Jammu with average spend of 2000/- INR on Instagram and facebook. I was not sure about the demography and it failed me. Turns out people are not fascinated by Instagram ads in this region, or may be my ads sucked. I didn’t know the exact emotion of people in this region. Please know that emotions work in ads and reading them wrong fails you.

Even after spending over the ad budget allocated for the event, I wasn’t able to generate the necessary leads. Not even a single one. Yes a couple of people clicked but nothing significant. However this didn’t break my heart.

Please know that if one thing doesn’t work in business, the only factor that determines whether you will win or not is How quickly you ditch that method and go to something that works. Now there are things that work, that have always worked in all regions. These are pamphlets and word of mouth. In order to get the word out to relevant people in this demography, I immediately closed down the running ads and moved to pamphlets and organisational behaviour of making it work via players who are aggregators of leads, it could be any investor firm. Call them up and tell them, “hey would you like to set up a free table in my event.” They will say no, no, no and then someone will say “yes”. Luckily for me, my previous 09-05 came handy in jumping to help with an email and a follow up!

The whole point is, please don’t be unidirectional. Don’t be limited to things. Be brave to move on to new things that work. Please know that if A didn’t work, B will.

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