The steps to being big are really small.

And baby steps I call them. If I could punch everyone who calls me out and says “but this isn’t a movie, it’s not possible”.

Yeah dick face, it’s not possible because you want things without the steps. No one is actually following the actual guide to being the success story they dream. People are following everything but not the basic essentials. I see so many people spending thousands of dollars in mindset courses and mediation classes. That won’t cure your broken shit. And I’m not at all afraid to call out people who think these things will help. No they won’t. You will die doing yoga hoping you will make it to top 10% one day.

People are just in a vortex where they don’t want to know that success, as elusive it may look, is not like that. It is very much something that comes to you while you are doing your thing. So many of us, almost 99.99% attend the schools, and why do we do that? It’s the steps! You need the steps. If there was ever a guide to achieving something, I’m sure it would be most misunderstood book and people would talk about it like “oh he says all that same shit”. That’s correct you idiot, it’s the same shit.

People are looking for magic. I see so many people and the spark in their eyes when they talk about their ideas and then they don’t hold themselves accountable for the work needed to get there. The number one step to lose is to put yourself in a situation where your actions are not matching your words. Please know that there is no magic pill that will make you work harder or active or make you less of an asshole. You are what you are.

This brings me to self fucking awareness. You’ve to audit yourself on who you are and what you are good at and then go do that. Please please fuck that one uncle who tells you that you are a maths graduate and you need to have a career in maths, “no Uncle Sam, I’m a good Tik Tok user and I’m making great content out there and I’m earning too.” Do that. So many people are caught up the current race to be the next supreme and ceo and then be unhappy for rest of their lives. Just because the narrative now is that you’ve to have your company doesn’t mean it’s a success model. Please know that even if you work for 18hrs a day and you suck shit, you lost. If you don’t love what you do, you lose. No matter what anyone says, you are gonna lose. So please stop storytelling yourself and go get an iota of self awareness and do something that brings you happiness, not money.

Talking of baby steps, people don’t want to do that. No one wants to run a marathon, people have sneakers on for sprints. If you are not putting in the hours and doing your thing while your friends are partying, you clearly believe that magic will make things happen for you. If you Netflix all through your weekend and expect your sales to go up on Monday, you lose. It makes me laugh when people post “it’s already Monday!”.. who the fuck told you to go dress up like a clown and hear your boss scream at you on a Monday morning. You deserve it because you are fancy. You want to be a couch potato all through the weekend and binge on Netflix or hang out with your girls/boys and bottles.. and you expect your Monday to be royal.. sure! Please please please know that it takes work. For a very very very long time, no one will give a fuck about you and your work. It could be 5,10yrs and then you do come up! That’s the magic. There is no quick cure! Please please please don’t be fancy and do what you love.

Follow your passion and use the next 5,10,15 minutes to bring some value to your life.

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