Five things you can do on Sunday to win!

Okay so this one is on popular demand and I completely resonate to everyone who is confused on where to start or what to do.

Yes I talk about hustle and working on Sundays as well but then I am asked

“What can I do on Sundays to be in a better financial position?”

“What do I do if I have no money but I can hustle my face off?”

“I am confused because my mom would judge me.”

“Have you heard of work life balance?”

I’m going to list five things that you can do on your weekends to make some extra money.

1. Go to your nearest mall and identify products on discount. Buy them and check their bar code using amazon app and find out their price on amazon. Set up a landing page or sell them on Paytm or flip kart at commissioned prices. If you do that for 9hrs on Sunday, you could make around 20-40k over the week.

2. Learn a course on YouTube and take notes. Create presentation of that course and sell it in your college for 100/-

3. Look around for events around you and attend the free events which can bring you value. Instead of going for a movie on Sunday, attend two events and take notes.

4. If you already have a business or hustle or just an idea. Write down key words around that and search. For example if you are a coffee business. Go to google and type- “coffee businesses around me”. Then go to the phone number or email and call them up. “Hey Rakesh, is this xyz coffee, hey look I have an interesting idea to promote your coffee, would you like to take my free promotion for your coffee.” The answer is no, then again no and finally someone will say yes at 6pm while you are ending the day. Write fucking emails. Ask is the key.

5. Learn Instagram, facebook and social. If you are not putting the word out there, you’ve lost. Read a lot. Read a book every weekend.

Now answering the judgement question. Yes your mom and those people around you will judge you because a) they can’t do it. b) they are defined by opinions of others about them and since you are related to them they don’t want that image to be tarnished. They would want you to look successful to their friends and be miserable but not rich and doing dorky. I mean they are confused. I know people who would be ashamed to sell things online even when they are taking money from their dad for Starbucks.

If you follow my hustle closely, please know that I talk about work life balance a lot. To me the internet is for you. I don’t want you to run after money. I want you to be happy, don’t you want to be happy? If your happiness is not doing any of these five things above and watching Netflix on Sunday, and you are happy, you’ve won.! You really have won!

But if you are making 6lacs per year and you are still miserable and drool over the pictures of Instagram houses and cars, then you need to put in the work.

But yes talking about family. Always put your family first. Happiness is the ROI.

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