There is no time machine! Please stop the regret game.

The number one thing that most people lack when starting up is perspective. They are not able to see things in the ‘current’ and the ‘furure’. Please know that more you dwell in the past, more are your chances to fuck up.

You lost in the past, doesn’t mean you cannot win. But if you let your past dictate your actions, then most certainly history will repeat itself and you will be prey to those popular cliche quotes about past killing the future.

I believe that the more you live in the past, the more you dwell about your losses, more you are prone to lose in the long run. Please know that there is no time machine, you are not going back to correct things. Ever. And if anyone is selling you that dream, they are lying to you. What you can do is that you can learn from your L’s and not make them again, that’s the number one take away from past. I see no other take away.

Regret is poison and the only thing that most people have from their past is regret. Please please go sit with five 70-80yr old men and women, and listen to their stories. When you see regret in 80yr old mans eyes, you fucking wake up. When you hear them tell you that they spent their life with someone they don’t love, and that they could have built that business, could have started that firm, could have acted in movies, but they didn’t. And now they can’t. If you can do me a single favour, it would be to not wake up with regret. Now that doesn’t mean that you become a complete asshole, you need self awareness to know what you should regret and what you should take action on!

In a nutshell I really want you to know that no one is building the time machine, so you cannot correct what happened in the past. Yeah you got cheated, great! Make sure you don’t let that happen again. You lost money to a failed venture, don’t let that happen again.

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