Why I’m not pissed off at you if you are a Coachella or Party person

I’m not and this is where people get my narrative wrong. I’m not against happiness. I’m not setting up rules for anyone. There are no fucking ground rules. Happiness is the aim and however you achieve it should be the motto of the game.

So Coachella happened and lot of people went there in the desert to party. Am I pissed off at those people? The answer is NO.

Am I pissed off at someone who is partying on weekend?

No I’m not.

Am I pissed off at you for Binge watching Netflix?


This is really interesting.

Would I ever go to Coachella? No.

Would I ever party on weekend? No

Would I binge watch Netflix? No

If you are clear in your head about what you want and how you want, whatever the fuck you do, doesn’t matter.

If you are going to Coachella and you don’t know any of the music artists and follow no music at all, you suck. You are doing it for people. If you are going there because it is a symbol and that people might talk about you, then you suck and I’m mad at you. If you are doing you, every moment of your life, I’m happy.

Also I never judge anyone with what they do with the fruits of success. You could drink your cheque or fly to Bahamas, no one cares. Is that the correct thing to do?

I wouldn’t do that but yes it’s again about happiness, if you’re happy doing that, go ahead!

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