Why being multidimensional is good for you.

If you have ten ideas and you think working on one would be a great idea just because everyone follows the narrative that you have to be focused in order to succeed, there are chances that you might lose in the long run. Don’t get me wrong, there are people who are not multidimensional. Like if I were to just sell furniture, I’d rot. I’m not scared of being multidimensional because I’m not scared of losing. The number of balls you see in the picture doesn’t really justify everything that I do. Besides these, I write full time, I have a book coming out every two months and that requires work, a lot more than anyone can think. Lot of people think writing a book is easy, and they have tones of ideas, but then you look at them and they have written just two Instagram posts about what they feel about the story line. That’s it.

I flip homes and spaces for million dollar companies on everyday basis and that doesn’t stop me from focusing on every other baby I have. I know it’s a long game but there is nothing better that I’d be doing if not this. I recently worked from a different geographic location with whole new demographics and I am coming up with something amazing catering to region. Look if you are not taking advantage of the opportunity that internet and the social provides, and you are waiting for one big über or facebook idea, you’ve lost. I’m not scared of my loses.

So not many people know about it but in late 2018, I started out a venture in food and health around gyms. We had a huge rollout plan. We did put in the work but failed to produce the expected results, that was an ‘L’ , but that doesn’t make me hide my face in a blanket and go work as clerk, in fact after this, I started out another business that catered to flowers and bouquets and gifts. It was called Forever Flowers India. I measured the market response inaccurately and that was an L. We made around 10 sales but that had to be closed down. You see, the self awareness tells you what deserves your energy and what doesn’t and if you are self aware, you can take advantage of opportunities and also do garage sale, flip sneakers, create whole new subscription boxes and what not.

The way I see it is really really simple and I’m breaking it down for you. If you have ten different ideas, please go execute on them all, because the chances are that 8 of them will fail. I call this burger analogy. Once you have your mail course set, you can flirt with the side dishes, and self awareness helps you do that. People are lazy, they are not just doing, they are talking and pondering, but they are not doing, if you want the life you dream, please go work. That’s the only answer.

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