What do I mean when I say don’t be Fancy!

I really want to clarify few things upfront about my narrative of “Don’t be Fancy”. When I say or tell anyone to not be fancy, I am 100% not telling them what to do with their fruits of success and hardwork. If someone wants to go to Bahamas to chill after a massive success, and it brings him happiness. Go ahead. Whatever I’m saying and whatever I tell you, always has two basic underlying principles, Self Awareness and Happiness.

Are you self aware that you want to go to Bahamas and you are not doing it because everyone is doing it and you want to post pictures on your Instagram for your friends to make you look successful? If you are self aware and it brings you happiness, go ahead. I’m never judging anyone on what they do with the rewards.

My problem is with the people who complain. And people complain a lot. “Oh you see the market is so bad, and I’m due on my rent and need some extra cash, how do you want me to start a business.”

If you are so crippled by adversity and yet you choose to complain instead of putting in the work, I hate you. The next thing that you see this guy doing is booking the tickets for Avengers End Game at 20% higher prices because he is so mindful of what people would think of him if he doesn’t watch and post the pictures on day one of release, but also he is crippled economically. Now, instead of waiting and selling these tickets he just bought at 100% more price on Instagram and facebook, he is actually going for the movie and comes out $50 poorer. This is being Fancy. Don’t be Fancy.

Look, if you are amazing and you are working 09-05 or 10-08 and have 40,000/-INR coming every month, and you are happy, you’ve won in life. You are better than anyone who’s making 40,000/- INR per day and is unhappy.

Being fancy is being a teenager and going out with your tinder date and spending $100 which is basically your dads money. Do you even fucking know what $100 means? All you’re worried about is the milk in your Starbucks.

As much as I hate people being fancy and complain, I’ve also come to realise that people just don’t know what to do which takes me to self awareness part.

“Yes I’m ready to hustle, but what do I do” is the most common thing I hear from people.

If you are one of them, take a deep breath and go sit with someone who knows you or you believe in, and ask them what you suck at. I’ve been shaped by people who told me what I sucked at. I’ve never had anyone who’s told me what I’m good at, people have thrown my value at me and shown me mirrors, which I believe helps and has helped me. You need to do exactly that, because once you do that, you won’t bullshit yourself, you might storytell yourself, but you won’t bullshit yourself. This is the number one step to do. Everything else comes later. Self awareness and Happiness!

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