‘Killing the middle’ (Full Narrative)

What do I mean when I say “Kill the middle” and why I say that. I want to go in depth details of what is meant by middle and why we need to kill the middle.

Lot of people have put up Entrepreneur in their Instagram bio when they have sold nothing in real life, and the only reason why being an entrepreneur is cool like being a doctor or engineer was cool in the back day is because this is just the narrative and people think that there is going to be lot of money on the table. I always say that not everyone is meant to be B and C player. You could be happy as hell working as an employee and making $50,000 a year. You don’t need to eat dirt and make just $2000 in one month being a start up owner or not even that. You might not even make that. But people don’t understand that. Just because Instagram shows you money in entrepreneurship with those people posing with bottles and models, that isn’t entire truth. I don’t judge anyone on anything but a lot of it is just fad.

I have always maintained that if you are a middle man in something, you are not really an entrepreneur. You are an agent. And you should be proud of calling yourself that.

The simple reason why “middle” is no longer needed is internet. Lot of people are solving dumbest problems and calling themselves entrepreneurs. If you are doing amazon Dropshipping or creating content, logos or digital marketing for people, you are just the middle man, not an entrepreneur. Please start calling it a side hustle or your hustle, not your business. If you are not clear on it and live in a bubble, then internet is going to break your bubble. Someone claiming to generate leads for you or run ads for you or run your digital marketing is the middle that you don’t need. The only reason people are seeking these services is ignorance.

I have a big solution to all of your problems. Go to your browser and type G O O G L E and write “how to generate leads”. People just don’t want to work. They are okay paying a random Shithead some $600 for running $0.26 ads on facebook. That’s the level of darkness people live in. If everyone started using internet to its fullest and at scale, 70% of these entrepreneurs would be wiped out in a day. And it is eventually gonna happen, that’s why I’m so keen on waking up people who are the middle. I mean you may not be affected by me not taking your services today, but internet is coming for you. Please get your self awareness and truth. Meanwhile, this is a great side hustle being someone’s middle, I’m just pissed off at people calling it their business and I’m also pissed off at people who got them so entitled to call themselves an agency or a business. Okay, I hate anyone who has ever signed up for a digital marketing course of over $100, I hate you if you’ve ever paid anyone to learn digital marketing. Plain and simple.

So what do we do!

1. Learn things over the internet. If you can spend 5hrs on Snapchat, you can just go watch a 30min YouTube video on how to create a Snapchat series and run ads there. You can do that, but you’re not, because you are lazy!

2. If you can pay Netflix a subscription fee, you can definitely learn from the best universities around the globe by joining free webinar’s.

3. You can take advantage of communities on internet (twitter, facebook)

The point here is that you need to do. You are not in your grand pas era where you need to pay Roger to do stuff that you can do for free. Period

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