You have been wrong about Money all the time

Money is the root cause of __________.

Happiness doesn’t depend on___________

You are not alone if your answers were like 99%. It’s not your fault. We are made to believe that money is not good. Have you ever thought why? Have you ever thought who anointed the narrative that if you are rich, you are bad.

No education system around the globe teaches the money and how money moves in the system. People even suck at calculating the interest on their own savings, and yet they are doctors or engineers. There is a reason why you are conditioned to believe that money is not really a great companion.

But.. I hate to break it to you, you’ve been wrong all your life. You’ve been fooled to believe Santa exists and when you discovered that it was not real, you were pissed off, at least I was. Are you pissed off now that money really isn’t the evil?

You see civilisations have seen capitalists and people who controlled money everywhere, and the only way these people could sit atop their pile of money was to promote a narrative. It didn’t take much for them to do it, just a couple of colonisations and the colonies took over 100yrs to recover from losses, but never really recovered from mindset, the mindset that money is bad.

You have to understand that happiness is not a destination and money or no money has nothing to do with it. You could be homeless and happy. You could! But would you have an air conditioning or a car, no. Because that requires money. You’ve to understand how money moves, what happens to every dollar that you pay at Starbucks or anywhere, what happens when governments declare the budgets. You’ve to be financially literate.

I honestly cannot help you get over the idea or notion that rich are bad. It’s binary, either you are dumb or you’re not. There is a test to it. Imagine stepping out of your home and seeing a Ferrari zooming past you, survey has pointed that 90% people had notions that the person driving the Ferrari was a rude and arrogant person. That was not true!

It all comes down to self awareness. If you don’t respect money, it is likely that money would stay away from you.

Spread the word.

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