Grooming of Sikh and Hindu girls in India and Abroad.


The article is not meant to target any specific religion, however it is really important to address the issue of Grooming without being hateful of any community. I believe that important steps by leadership of these communities with law enforcement agencies can be helpful.

Grooming in India.

It should be noted that Grooming Of Sikh and Hindu girls in India is not a phenomena that started in backlash of Modi led government. In fact Grooming Of Sikh and Hindu girls by Muslims has been going on silently. It is just more exposed now because people have finally started to see through the hollowness of secularism and the dirty clothes that stay locked in due to false appeasement.

Grooming in Kashmir

Kashmiri Sikhs form a minuscule minority and have been living peacefully with the majority Muslims. It should be noted that Kashmiri Sikhs did not leave the valley even after Chittisinghpora massacre and have braved oppression be it political or silent that goes unheard in Delhi. Kashmiri Sikhs have failed to call spade a spade when it comes to ‘Muslim boys & men luring our girls into marriage and conversions’. In one of my recent talks with a prominent kashmiri Sikh leader, he told me that “It is fault of girls who leave the religion, why should we spoil our relationship with the majority”. This is the exact mindset that has encouraged the majority to go on with their acts. Please note that when I say majority, I don’t mean all Muslims. There are so many examples of Muslims being protectors of Sikhs in kashmir, but when it comes to issues like luring Sikh girls, even Muslim leaders in Kashmir maintain pin drop silence. The acts are simply written off as ‘misguided youth’ when we know that it is not as binary as that. It is deeper than that and we need to speak about it.

Mandeep Kaur stabbed in Kashmir for not accepting Islam

It should be noted that this is not a singular incident that has happened in Kashmir. There are 73 un resolved cases of Sikh girls eloping with Muslim boys, getting married and divorced only to come back to community for help. Recent example is that of one Diljit Kaur who got married to one Muslim man in kashmir and settled in Delhi for the fear of backlash from her own community. After 10yrs of marriage and a baby, she was abandoned by her husband only to be left crying on the streets of Srinagar. The Sikh community of Kashmir again gave up on their girl because she ditched the Panth. This attitude has encouraged the groomers and they continue to do so.

In another incident this year, a Sikh minor girl in the village of Shailkote Rafiadbad was lured by a Muslim man (Gujjar) 20yrs older than her to escape with her, which she did only to be caught because of swift action by community. A smartphone was gifted to the girl which was kept secret by her and they exchanged romantic and sexual content over it.

In another incident this year, a Sikh girl from Singhbagh Baramulla who was a devout sikhni and was also seen performing shabd kirtan in Gurdwara on occasions escaped with a Muslim man who reportedly took her from her home in Jammu in April 2020. It should be noted that the Muslim came in a predominantly sikh area and took the girl away and no one could do anything about it. But Sikhs have not condemned, neither has any Muslim condemned the incident because it will break their bullshit narrative of Kashmiriyat. The point is that grooming is real and Sikhs and muslims both need to address it. Like I said, I am sure Muslim men are better than this and they should come forward in calling spade a spade without labelling the whistle blowers as ‘Islamophobic’.

Grooming in Metro Cities Of India.

If you thought that grooming was limited to small towns and cities, you are wrong. It is very much happening right in metro cities.

I was attending a birthday party of a friend in ‘Warehouse Cafe’ Delhi. Delhiites might know the place better. My friend’s friend who came to attend the party was accompanied by a fair and handsome boy who she introduced to me as ‘Akshit Koul’. Since I am a kashmiri, the ‘koul’ surname was enough for me to recognise that he was a Kashmiri Pandit. I have always longed to meet and talk to Kashmiri Pandits but little did I know that I was talking to ‘Zafar Wani’ Of Sopore who was pretending to be Akshit Koul. I asked him about his whereabouts and he was confident in describing that he was from Sopore and then exodus happened and they moved to Delhi. Please note that I had not revealed that I was a kashmiri too. It was interesting to know that ‘Zafar’ was actually condemning the killings of Kashmiri Pandits and blaming Muslims for that. So much for love. I did not suspect anything that day because it is hard to distinguish between a kashmiri Pandit and Muslim if Muslim pretending to be KP especially wears a red thread around wrist. It was two months later that my friend told me that her friend was cheated by Kashmiri boy named Zafar. Zafar repeatedly had sex with her and promised to marry her but when she told him to get the families together he failed and disappeared.

It is note worthy that clubs in Delhi and Mumbai are filled with these predators who use their fair skin (fair than rest of Indians) to lure girls who lack love & empathy from their families and communities that they search in these boys. “It is game of attention and these men are great at it”

Grooming in Ladakh Kashmir

Buddhist woman lured into marriage by Muslim man

If you thought the targets are only Sikh and Hindu girls you are in the wrong again. Kashmiri Muslims have been targeting Buddhist girls in Ladakh and Ladakh Administration has cried about it to the Mufti Administration as well. Clearly this is not the only case that has happened in Ladakh. A Ladakhi activist friend tells me-

“Muslims are posted in Ladakh & during their postings they pretend to be single even if they are married in Kashmir. They lure our girls on pretext of having govt jobs and stay in rented accommodations with them (kind of live in) and one day they just disappear.”


Muslim man fakes Hindu name to lure Hindu girls

Police FIR

Swati Goel Sharma covers this piece that leaves one wondering the extent to which one can go to lure Hindu girls. If you have read upto this point, I’m sure this isn’t a surprise to you. A Muslim man fakes his identity very much like Zafar and lures a Hindu girl on pretext of marrying her.

In incident a Muslim TikTok user with a massive following stabbed a Sikh girl Naina Kaur because she refused to get married to him. I am sure there are few among you who want to and feel urge to brush this off as an isolated single incident but this isn’t just one. This is one of the thousands that just got exposed. There are many among you who would like to blame Sikh girls or Hindu girls for falling prey to these predators, I think we need to deal with our girls with kindness and empathy. It is love that is lacking within community that they seek outside and these predators use that. It is our weakness and instead of shouting love Jihad or hating every Muslim, we need to work on ourselves as communities.

He murdered Naina Kaur

Grooming of Sikh and Hindu girls in Middle East

Indians form a good percentage of expats in Dubai and Qatar. Most of Indian girls irrespective of religion move to these areas to work in airlines, hotels or medical field as nurses or doctors. Indian girls form a good percentage of staff in airlines in these regions. (Im not naming the airlines but it is understood which airlines I am talking about). These regions also see a higher percentage of Pakistani men and women who majorly work in same sectors. Indian Hindu and Sikh girls are lured by Pakistani boys in Dubai and Qatar. There are multiple reasons for that, our girls are alone in the high life of these countries and these Pakistani groomers take advantage of that fact. They pay for parties and make sure our girls get used to that life until it becomes tough for them to withdraw from alcohol & drugs. This is worrying and doesn’t show up in news because no one condemns it in Dubai and no one knows it in india except those who know the expat life of Dubai and Qatar.

Grooming in the UK

Screenshot of Muslim groomers harassing Sikh girl.

Pakistani Muslim men have taken grooming as a serious business in UK and don’t shy away from even admitting it. From the screenshots above it should be clear that the problem and harassment that our girls face is real and not a joke. It is not an attempt to malign Muslim image in any way, talking about our problems even if it offends anyone or makes us islamohobic in their eyes is not wrong at all.

“Around the UK mainly in Pakistani (Mirpuri) dominated cities like Bradford, Birmingham, Luton, Derby, Blackburn, Rochdale etc most of the victims of grooming are white girls and then Hindu & Sikh girls. Rarely any Muslim girls get sexually groomed in the same way.” Writes a UK twitter account.

We have to call out these Pakistani Gangs Read full piece here

Political correctness isn’t the need of the hour. It should be noted that Muslim leadership in the UK rarely talks about this issue. And some scholars even defend it.

Dr. Shabir Ally who is known for his somewhat progressive views doesn’t mince any words here. He says according to Islamic thought, consent of female sex slaves is irrelevant. Sex slaves don’t get to give consent.

Watch UK Islamic scholar defending Grooming subtly Dr. Shabir Ali defends Grooming

We have similar narrative given out by Indian Version of Preacher of Islam ‘Zakir Naik’ who says that ‘A Muslim cannot or should not fall in love with non Muslim and in rare cases that he does, it is very necessary to convert the girl to Islam because in Islam it is necessary for couple to enter Jannat together, and a non Muslim cannot enter Jannat”

Zakir Naik says it’s Islamic o convert non Muslim girls into Islam

It is very important to understand the first hand the problem from first hand account of someone who has faced this and I leave you with the account of a Sikh girl who has faced grooming gangs of UK. It is noteworthy to understand the techniques employed in the process.

Watch Sikh Girl’s experience with Grooming gangs

Conclusion & Lessons Learnt.

What does all this leave us with? What do you think is the correct method to deal with it. Is it correct like Kashmiri Sikhs to stay in outright denial and not call out the groomers because of fine relationships and inter community harmony?Is it correct to bash censor the news items like Indian media just to avoid being Islamophobic?

Bhai Jagraj Ji leaves us with important lessons and how we should tackle the problem at home. Bhai Sahib points out that we lack support systems and normally call out our girls for the misdeeds of groomers. Our girls are victims and should not be treated as culprits. Bhai Jagraj Ji on how to tackle grooming

I would love suggestions and feedback on this article.

21 thoughts on “Grooming of Sikh and Hindu girls in India and Abroad.

  1. Political correctness is why grooming gangs are such a big thing in the UK now and increasing rapidly in India as well. Even Indian Christians aren’t spared or untouched with grooming gangs in down south in Kerala. In the UK case, it’s even worse, that their police and court don’t do anything, out of fear being called Islamophobic and over in India, these things don’t even come to light, let along people knowing about it, that such things exist.

  2. Well someone had to say it and I’m glad you decided to write about it.
    I’ve been following the preparation for this post from Twitter. I agree, it’s a grave concern and strict actions should be taken against such people. Muslim scholars or so called imams would never object to it or condemn such actions.

  3. Man it’s scary
    Real scary
    I know the possibilities of love jihad
    But your view is something I would like to call a suprise!!
    I knew that Muslims used to change their names for marrying girls of other religions but this on a whole new level
    Include this news too
    It became headline if not for
    thorough investigation of up police this case would have never surfaced

    1. I think this has been going on now for quite some time. It is more prevalent in the UK where Pakistani community is in good numbers. They are real predators of Hindu and Sikh girls. It is also starting to show up in India and needs to be called out.

  4. sharing and awaring are the best methods right now , this is a serious problem that needs to addressed , thank you so much for this , i’ll try to share this blog as much as possible

  5. Go to r/Sikh and talk about this and they’ll brush it off as isolated incidents, because according to Khalistanis on that sub reddit the real enemies of Sikhi are Hindus/Gangu Baman, Lmao As a Punjabi Hindu Pandit, not only do I speak better Punjabi then these wannabes but I am more Punjabi then them overall. Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah, until dharmic branches that have come out from Hinduism/Sanatana Dharma realize that we are One Dharma, then whether its Islamic rapists or Christian conversions – we’re going to be screwed. Jai Mata Di veere and Rab Rakha

    1. Bro, for Sikh the enemy is not Brahmin but the system established which treats other unequally… not all Brahmins like sikhs are good or bad..there are bad apples everywhere..Sikhs fights against injustice not against any individual or community.. Sikhs’ granth have baanis from Hindus as well as Muslims..including Hindu Pandits …the current disposition in India wants Hindu Rashtra and the atrocities against Muslims are quite open now…so as a Sikh it becomes the responsibility to raise voice against the atrocities…irrespective of religion or caste…It’s just the difference in world view of religions…

  6. I live in Brampton, Ontario, Canada which is majorly Panjabi/Indian dominated city. Here also the lustful Muslim predators have spread their tentacles and they are doing it on big numbers and their major target is the international student community(mostly Sikh/Hindu girls..)
    I don’t know what’s problem with this religion.. At face value it seems fine but they have really narrow objectives to spread their religion in a deceitful and inorganic way.. I have good Muslim friends but inside me it really is difficult to trust them 100% because of their worldview wherein they want to convert/lure everyone and despite being in billions present themselves as minority and victims…Sorry had to write this…
    There are of course great Muslims as well in big numbers but they should speak against such practices in the same way as they vehemently and emphatically discuss about Islamophobia and there is no denying to the fact also they are also being targeted because of their faith…In this regard the Christian community is overall good. They are friendly, with less biases, more charitable, less hypocrites…
    Sikhi i admire in a way because it walks the talk with no element of hypocrisy and comfortable with co-existence of different faiths, races..believes in equality which is absent in Indian sub continent..

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