Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji- History

Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji became the
Guru in the most delicate time in the
Indian history when the ruler was
vigorously imposing his mandate in
shaping the country’s political and social
direction. Although in His very young age, Guru Har Krishan Ji was conscious of the fact as the Universal Guru to uphold the touch of truth which is inherited since Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and not only keep it enlightening in full radiation with inner Life, Wisdom and Power, but also shield it from being mistreated, mutilated and outraged by any secular or religious opponents. Instead of retreating into safety and avoiding confrontation, Guru Har Krishan Ji surprised everyone by carrying the touch of Truth and Peace into everyone’s heart without any discrimination of gender, sect, creed, lineage and belief. This unique and incomparable way asserted his spiritual authority and the identity of His faith and doctrines.

Guru Har Krishan Ji proved the fact that Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s religion firmly sustains and grows by its adoption to universal sovereign laws of Almighty through self-realization without causing harm to anyone and without retaliating bitterly to the well organized campaign against Him. Instead of being deprived by opposing powers Guru Har Krishan Ji became the source of inspiration, peace, fearlessness, self-awareness,, self-contentment, endeavor and persistence.

Like his predecessor, Guru Har Krishan Ji was not only an apostle of Almighty, living in perfect communion with the Supreme Being, but he was also a savior deeply concerned with lessening the sorrows and suffering of mankind. Everyone in Delhi was surprised to see how he shouldered the heavy responsibilities of the Gurship. Everyone felt the living Spirit of Guru Nanak working in all His actions and sermons, calling people to truth, wisdom, freedom, spiritual exaltation, with a new-dynamism and power. So completely had He dedicated himself to His followers, and so profoundly was His presence lessening the sorrows and misery of the people that He gave himself to them, entered their life as a personal source of compassion, charity and. grace. He shared with them all He had and everything He could acquire. From Him they received unremitting sympathy, love, solace and help in their basic needs: He opened the doors of His heart to men of all faiths: Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs

The destiny of the Sikh Community was undergoing a new divine direction towards a grand future. Guru Har Krishan Ji moved in the face of this raging storm like the serene and pure moon shedding its light everywhere, guiding pilgrims to peace and light. Great was His composure and greater still was the peace shedding radiance of his unique personality.

The divine spirit was passed from one Guru to the next as “The light of a lamp which lights another does not abate. Similarly a spiritual leader and his disciple become equal, Nanak says the truth.”


Guru Har Krishan Sahib was born on Sawan Vadi 8, Tuesday, Bikrami Samvat 1713, (July 14, 1656 A.D.) at Kiratpur Sahib. He was the second son of the Seventh Guru, Sri Guru Har Rai Sahib and Mata Krishan Kaur Ji, Great grandson of the Sixth Guru, Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji. Baba Ram Rai was elder to Sri Har Krishan Ji by nine years. He was born in a palace called Shees Mahal it was Guru Har Rai’s residence.

After the birth Sri Har Krishan Ji was given a bath and wrapped in a beautiful silk cloth. Sri Har Krishan Ji was brought before Guru Har Rai Ji in the congregation after the completion of Asa Dhi Vaar. Guru Har Rai Ji carried the new born prince in His arms and said that ‘He will perform as no one else has ever performed and will ever perform’. Guru Har Rai Ji requested His Uncle (Chaca Ji) Baba Suraj Mal Ji to name the new born. Baba Suraj Mal Ji carried the new born baby to the presence of Adi Granth (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji). Once the Anand Sahib had been recited Ardass followed. The new born prince was named as Har Krishan based on the first word of the Hukamnama taken after the Ardass. Karah Persad (Degh) was then distributed.

Early life

Guru Har Rai Ji baptised Sri Har Krishan according to the prevalent Sikh rites of baptism called Charan-pahul and
imparted to him the revelation of the Gurmantar
(Divine Word – Waheguru), called Naam
‘dikhsha’. Guru Har Rai Ji from that day became
the Spiritual Preceptor and the divine Enlightener (Guru) of Sri Har Krishan. Although
Sri Har Krishan Ji himself was the form of the Almighty, Guru Har Rai Ji initiated the precedence of Sikh Code of Conduct by blessing Charan-pahul which is also called the spiritual rebirth by which the heart of the Child novice
was anointed with the Light of the Word. A baptised soul remains illuminated by grace and power of intuitional awakening of higher consciousness.

Sri Har Krishan at a very young age developed exceptional intelligence, and had an unusual passion for spiritual knowledge and prayer. He learnt everything and his amazing grasp over the deeper meaning of the scriptures, showed he was not only mentally precocious (gifted), but one with a vigorous consciousness and a brilliant future. His eagerness to learn everything with contemplative depths and act on the teachings to the letter and the spirit of the teachings was very noticeable to those around him.

Sri Har Krishan Ji, in his daily routine recited Gurbani by heart consistently. He would sit at the feet of eminent scholars and divines of the Guru’s Congregation hall (Darbar Sahib) and listen to eye-witness accounts of his forefathers as spiritual ancestors. He also spent many hours in meditation.
Sri Har Krishan was always calm and cheerful. His mind was free from fear, anger, envy or any such human weaknesses.

Baba Ram Rai and Sri Har Krishan Ji

Once a prominent Sikh came to Guru Har Rai Ji and said that both Guruji’s Sahibzadey (princes) were smart, fine-looking, full of decency, humble and with so much radiance, so who would be the next successor to Guruji?
The following day Guruji gave a needle to the Sikh and informed him that the Sahibzadey were reading Gurbani at that moment. The Sikh was
asked to go and pierce the needle into one of the legs of the manji sahib (wooden woven bed – altar) where the Aad Granth Sahib was placed and was being read by each Sahibzada. While Gurbani was being read by the Sahibzades, if the leg of the manji sahib became soft when the needle was pierced through it then to consider that particular Sahibzada would succeed Guruji.
Accordingly, the Sikh initially went where Sri Ram Rai was reading Gurbani. After listening for a while, the Sikh tried to pierce the needle but was unsuccessful. After that he went and sat where Sri Har Krishan Ji was reciting Gurbani. Here all the listeners were deeply moved by the ennobling and light-shedding utterance of Gurbani. After listening to Gurbani, the Sikh felt so much in bliss and when he pierced the needle into the leg of the manji sahib it went through easily as if it was piercing through wax. Once that needle went through the bed’s leg it was not retrievable.

Guruji whilst reading Gurbani was so absorbed in the words of the Gurbani that he was immersed with Waheguru. The wooden legs of the bed become soft just like wax.
Guru Har Rai Ji said, “Although the hymns and the divine Word of the Aad Granth Sahib (Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) were the same, however when uttered by Sri Har Krishan, they not only deeply touched the hearts of the listeners but also put life into the dry wood of the manji sahib. Two people may have the same bow and arrow in their hands but one who is adept in archery will succeed in aiming at the target with perfect marksmanship.”

Power Struggle in Mughal Kingdom

The then emperor, Shah Jahan fell ill in 1657, and was widely reported falsely to have died. With this news, the struggle for the succession to the throne began. Aurangzeb’s eldest brother, Dara Shikoh, was regarded as heir apparent, but the succession proved far from certain. When Shah Jahan supposedly died, his second son, Shah Shuja (Mughal) declared himself emperor in Bengal. Imperial armies sent by Dara and Shah Jahan soon restrained this effort, and Shuja retreated.
Soon after, Shuja’s youngest brother Murad Baksh, with secret promises of support from Aurangzeb, declared himself emperor in Gujarat. Aurangzeb, ostensibly in support of Murad, marched north from Aurangabad, gathering support from nobles and generals. Following a series of victories, Aurangzeb declared that Dara had illegally usurped the throne. Shah Jahan, determined that Dara would succeed him, handed over control of his empire to Dara. A Rajput lord opposed to Aurangzeb and Murad, Maharaja Jaswant Singh, battled them both at Dharmatpur near Ujjain, leaving them heavily weakened. Aurangzeb eventually defeated Maharaja Jaswant Singh and concentrated his forces on Dara. A series of bloody battles followed, with troops loyal to Aurangzeb battering Dara’s armies at Samugarh. In a few months, Aurangzeb’s forces surrounded Agra. Fearing for his life, Dara departed for Delhi, leaving behind Shah Jahan. The old emperor surrendered the Agra Fort to Aurangzeb’s nobles, but Aurangzeb refused any meeting with his father, and declared that Dara was no longer a Muslim.

In a sudden reversal, Aurangzeb then had Murad arrested after intoxicating him and later executed him; Murad’s former supporters, instead of fighting for Murad, defected to Aurangzeb. Meanwhile, Dara gathered his forces, and moved to Punjab. The army sent against Shuja was trapped in the east, its generals Jai Singh and Diler Khan, submitted to Aurangzeb, but allowed Dara’s son Suleman to escape via the Himalayan foothills and join his father in the Punjab. Aurangzeb offered Shuja the governorship of Bengal. This move had the effect of isolating Dara and causing more troops to defect to Aurangzeb. Shuja, however, uncertain of Aurangzeb’s sincerity, continued to battle his brother, but his forces suffered a series of defeats at Aurangzeb’s hands. At length, Shuja went into exile in Arakan (in present-day Myanmar) where he disappeared, and was presumed to be dead.

With Shuja and Murad disposed of, and with his father Shah Jahan confined in Agra, Aurangzeb pursued Dara, chasing him across the north-western bounds of the empire. After a series of battles, defeats and retreats, Dara was betrayed by one of his generals, who arrested and bound him. In 1659, Aurangzeb arranged a formal coronation in Delhi. He had Dara openly marched in chains back to Delhi; when Dara finally arrived, he had his brother publicly executed. Legends about the cruelty of this execution abound, including stories that Aurangzeb had Dara’s severed head sent to the dying Shah Jahan. With his succession secured, Aurangzeb kept Shah Jahan in a dark cell prison where he was given only a piece of bread and a cup of water daily. Shah Jahan died in the prison.

Aurangzeb’s Attack on Guru Har Rai Ji

All historical records are unanimous in affirming the fact that Aurangzeb summoned Guru Hari Rai Ji to his presence, but Guru Hari Rai Ji for three reasons refused to abide by it. The first reason was that Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji disallowed the audience of the King. Secondly, Aurangzeb was a deceitful person and thirdly Aurangzeb had murdered his father and brothers. Upon Guru Har Rai Ji refusal, Aurangzeb issued a furman (imperial command) and ordered large military commands to forcibly take Guru Har Rai Ji to Delhi. . Aurangzeb also commanded his large army on numerous occasions to arrest Guruji but all such attempts failed as whoever was commanding the army either died or suffered a severe health disorder.
Thus they failed to even reach close to Kiratpur Sahib.
After all such forceful attempts failed, Aurangzeb was strongly advised to write a polite letter of invitation, to the Guru and wait for a response. When Guru Hari Rai Ji read the letter, he smiled. The envoy delivering the letter was received with great courtesy and requested to wait until Guru Ji had consulted senior members of His durbar which included eminent, Bedi’s of Guru Nanak’s family; Bhallas (descendants of Guru Amardas from Govindwal); Trehans (descendants of Guru Angad); the Sodhi kith and Guru Jis kin were present at Kiratpur5. They all gathered together and an open discussion commenced in the presence of Guru Ji. As these discussions were in progress Ram Rai arrived to also participate in the discussions. Various circumstances and impact that may affect the House of Guru Nanak based on the possibilities of Aurangzeb’s reactions to Guru Har Rai Ji’s decision were discussed before the unanimous decision was made that Guru Ji or His representative must go to Delhi. Baba Ram Rai volunteered himself.

Guru Hari Rai said to his son Ram Rai before he departed for Delhi: “My blessed and noble son, Ram Rai! Know that the true Guru Nanak is the source of all spiritual and divine powers. The whole universe is under his spiritual sovereignty. So when you are in the Imperial court of Aurangzeb, never for a moment forget Guru Nanak whose faith and ideals you are going to uphold and interpret in the Mughal court. As long as you remember your moral and spiritual vows to Guru Nanak and his Eternal Wisdom, and as long as you fearlessly, speak the Truth about Sikh ideals and achievements, so long will Guru Nanak bestow on you all the treasures of mystical and divine life. He will speak through your tongue. He will guide you at every step. He will fulfill all your wishes and he will honor all your utterances. Only such a person bends his knees before Kings and Emperors, and only such a man abjectly submits and surrenders his conscience and principles to earthly rulers who has no self-confidence in himself, and no faith in Almighty and Truth. Out of fear and greed only, people surrender their normal ideals and principles before Kings. Under influence of fear and greed they forget Almighty and Truth. We who represent Guru Nanak’s great ideals should; neither fear nor covet any favors from the Mughal Emperor. So let not your faith and devotion to the Almighty be shaken under any threat from the Emperor. Fearlessly interpret the Sikh scriptures and history of the great Gurus. Do not consider anything more precious than the great spiritual gifts which you have already received from Guru Nanak and fear not to uphold the dignity and grandeur of Guru Nanak’s Faith.”

Ram Rai in Delhi

From the very first day of Ram Rai’s appearance in the court, Aurangzeb started putting the young boys’ religious knowledge and spiritual powers to test with the most impossible mystical power ever performed in the worlds’ history. According to most of the historians, Ram Rai showed seventy-two (72) miracles in the court of Aurangzeb, and each miracle dazzled the skeptic Aurangzeb.
Aurangzeb generally moved between Delhi and Agra. Once Ram Rai was invited by Aurangzeb to follow him to Agra.
At Agra the religious debates started again and when Ram Rai presented himself in the court Aurangzeb Ram Rai was questioned about the contents of Adi Granth Sahib (Sri Guru Granth
Sahib Ji). He answered all the questions with confidence and clarity. One day, a courtier, probably a Hindu capable of understanding the Punjabi compositions of Guru Nanak, pointed out a few lines from Guru Nanak’s Asa-Ki-Var, which presents a critical comment on the belief that the soul remains in the grave till doomsday, when the deeds of the soul will be judged. Sikhism and many other faiths believe that the soul of man appears before Dharmaraja for Judgment of his deeds immediately after his death, while the body changes to dust. The text being referred to was “miti musalman ki …..” When Aurangzeb asked Ram Rai to explain the religious significance of the verse, which had already been misinterpreted by the person who quoted it, Ram Rai was shocked both by the question and the misleading interpretation. Instead of gathering courage of a strong philosophic mind, which the fifteen year old sensitive mystic lacked, and refuting the wrong interpretation, and presenting it in the right ideological context, Ram Rai denied the factual truth of the text and altered the word which irritated the Mughal Emperor most. This was a disrespectful act, which Ram Rai committed out of fear and dread of being subjected to bitter reaction of the bigoted Emperor. The text was ‘miti musalman ki’ which Ram Rai on the spur of the moment changed to ‘miti beiman ki’ (clay of a wicked man). Thus out of timidity and fear that gripped for the first time the heart of the miracle working Ram Rai’s he made a dangerously false statement.

This act of Ram Rai was resented even by the prominent Sikhs of Agra and Delhi. Most of the Sikh divines of Agra and Delhi strongly advised Ram Rai to leave the Mughal court at once. Ram Rai attempted to explain his act of altering the text out of fear and dread of telling the truth, as there would be no end to the humiliation he would have had to suffer in the court of the Mughal emperor. Ram Rai felt and knew that he had made the most serious mistake of his life.

Ram Rai Expelled (Ex-communicated)

One of the companions of Ram Rai, who later disassociated himself from Ram Rai came to Kiratpur and informed Guru Har Rai Ji, how out of sheer fear and timidity, Ram Rai had altered the Gurbani panthi
(Hymn) of Guru Nanak to please the Mughal Emperor. The messenger was pained to inform Guru Har Rai Ji that his son did not have the courage to give a correct interpretation and stake his life for the factual truth stated by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
Guru Har Rai Ji felt deeply hurt by the compromising stances adopted by his older son. Reflecting on the grave implications of the situation, Guru Ji said, ‘If Ram Rai really wanted to serve the cause of Sikhism through miracles he should have visibly shown Aurangzeb the potters using the clay of the unattended graves for making pots and baking them in blazing flames. Ram Rai should have even taken the risk of sacrificing his life to read and interpret the text of Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Gurbani panthi. He should not have ben concerned with whether the interpretation pleased the Emperor and his theologians. The Guru’s word (Gurbani) explains the truth which no sensible man can deny. Instead of humiliating himself by submitting to fear and dread of the Emperor, Ram Rai should have shown the fearlessness and courage which all disciplined Sikhs are expected to have. From now onwards let him enjoy the patronage and favors of the Mughal court. I have decided to disown and disinherit him.7 He shall go wherever he pleases and I will never give him my darshan again. He has sinned against the ideals of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. How can he now claim to be anywhere near me. I have disowned him from my mind. He does not deserve to be on the Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s throne.”

Guru Har Krishan Ji’s Inauguration

Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji was inaugurated the Eighth Guru9 of the Sikhs on Ketak Vadi 9, Samvat 1718, 8th November 1661 A.D. Prayers were performed and a large congregation sang Gurbani kirtan (Hymns) for the joyful occasion. A special darbar (court) was held in the place known as Takhat Asthan in Kiratpur. It was, perhaps, not coincidence that Sri Har Krishan Ji
was born in the same room in Shish Mahal (Glass Palace) of Kiratpur in which Guru Har Rai Ji was born. Now He was to be inaugurated the Eighth Guru in the same Takhat Asthan (Throne Chamber)where His father was inaugurated the seventh Guru.
Sri Har Krishan Ji was dressed in a royal outfit which was a blend of majesty and sanctity. On his turban was fixed a gem studded kalgi (aigrette). The Master of Ceremonies, Baba Gurditta Ji recited the prayers and brought on a silver platter, the articles’ of Spiritual Regalia; the rosary, the Sword (represents sovereignty), five paisa (represents the entire creation of maya) and a coconut (represents self-surrender).
Guru Har Rai Ji embraced Har Krishan, kissed his lovely radiant face, and seated Him on the pontific Gurgadhi (throne). Then, Guru Har Rai Ji stood before his young son with folded hands. The thirty year old father was ready to impart his jot (spiritual light), his spiritual and temporal authority to his five-year old son. This was watched by the sangat (congregation) with utmost faith in Guruji’s proceedings. Here they were witnessing a father bestowing pontific responsibilities on a five-year old boy during the the reign of a despotic ruler like Aurangzeb.

As Guru Har Krishan Ji calmly sat on the pontific throne, with profound confidence and conviction in his glow, powers and divinity, Guru Har Rai Ji placed five paisa, a coconut and other articles of spiritual regalia in front of Sri Har Krishan Ji and bowed before him in humble salutation. The disciple Sri Har Krishan Ji, from that moment became the Guru, and the Guru, Sri Har Rai Ji became the disciple. The Father prostrated before His Son to raise him to the status of Spiritual Father of the Sikh Panth. The Master bowed before the disciple to exalt him to the Guru of the Universe. Guru Har Rai Ji circumambulated round Sri Har Krishan Ji three times and again prostrated before his Child successor thus passing his Jot his spiritual and temporal Padshahi (Guruship) to Guru Har Krishan Ji. Then all the masand (missionary heads) of various places, the Sodhis, Bedis; Trehans, Bhallas and other kith and kin who were present made offerings and prostrated before Sri Har Krishan Ji thus acknowledging Him and no other, as the true, successor and the Eighth Guru of the Sikhs11. Thus Sri Har Krishan Ji was inaugurated the Guru on 18th November 1661, when He, was just 5 years, 2 months and 12 days old.

Guru Har Krishan Ji as the Eighth Guru

Although He was young Guru Har Krishan Ji was very strong minded and always uttered very sweet words. He had a beautiful disposition and was a picture of calmness. He fulfilled the desires and needs of all the Sikhs. He looked like a reincarnation of Almighty (Waheguru) himself, who had taken a new form; just like a king changing his old robe for a new one. The people loved Him very much and had great faith in Him just like their faith in Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji and Sri Guru Har Rai Ji. They could see the jot (spiritual light) in Him who helped to liberate them of their sins and difficulties. Being the great grandson of Sri Guru Hargobind Sahib Ji, He had the spiritual strength to sit on the Gurgadhi (throne) of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

Masands came from all over bringing offerings and presents and bowed reverence to Him. All their worldly desires were fulfilled and they were also given spiritual knowledge to liberate them from oppression. Guru Ji thought them how to develop love for Almighty’s Name and achieve spiritual enlightenment without going through difficult long meditations.

People come from all over for Guru Ji’s darshan, bringing with them valuable offerings. His darshan destroyed their sufferings and they were at peace.

Praises of the young Guru were heard everywhere. Although He was very young He was spiritually enlightened. His fame grew day by day and many people came from far for his darshan.
After the impressive inauguration ceremony, Guru Har Rai watched the inflow of disciples who came for benediction to the new Guru. He was greatly impressed by the remarkable poise and dignity with which his son conducted his Gurship responsibility, the gracious manner in which He delivered sermons and imparted instructions to the young and old.

Guru Har Krishan Ji’s Activities

One of the major activities of Guru Har Krishan Ji was to see that copies of Sri Adi Granth and Prayer Books (Gutka) prepared by excellent calligraphists and scribes. Guru Ji autographed some of these copies. One such autographed copy of Sri Adi Granth is still preserved and archived in Takhat Patna Sahib’s Tosha KhanaThis copy of the Sri Adi Granth Sahib was, probably presented to Patna Sangat by Guru Har Krishan Ji. The handwriting of the young Guru shows remarkable clarity, firmness and a distinctly different and more artistic style than that of his predecessors. A Hukamnama is available which Guru Har Krishan Ji sent to the Sikh Sangat of Patna. It was found fixed onto a blank page of an old copy of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji dated 1718 A.D. These were kept for a long time in Gurdwara Dehra Sahib Lahore, but later were brought to Sikh Reference Library Amritsar. The Hukamnama is addressed to the prominent Sikh missionaries of Patna Sahib. The Hukamnama reads, “Sri Guru Hari Krishna Ji has ordered us (the Scribes of the Guru’s darbar) to write to Bhai Ani Rai, Bhai Jas, Bhai Ranga, Bhai Hazuri, Bhai Nehchal and the whole Sangat of Patna Sahib. Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji has received all the offerings and tithes (daswand) of the congregation (Sangat) sent by hand with Bhai Banno. Guru Ji is pleased and sends His benedictions to the Sangat of Patna. The Lord will fulfill the desires of all, and He will bless and pray for the fulfillment of the labors and noble aspiration of all. Please continue to send the tithes (daswand). Always attend and participate in the congregation in the Gurdwara. Recite your daily prayers, Arti and Sohila. Sri Guru (Har Krishan) is graciously pleased with the Sangat of Patna. He will always come to the aid of those who seek His grace and blessings. Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji blesses you all.”
Another daily activity of Guru Har Krishan Ji was to address individuals or groups of people who came to fulfill their aspirations in their search for a nobler and holier life. They spoke frankly about their feelings, aspirations and difficulties in practicing all the moral and spiritual instructions given in Sikh scriptures. asked For example one asked “Master, I am illiterate. I cannot read the scriptures. I cannot read the prayers, nor memorize them. Does that mean I would be deprived of liberation? Another Sikh asked “I am already employed in the Mughal army and administration. What should I do, Master? Should I resign from this service, which in the Scriptures is called dhrig vadni chakri (accursed is the slavish service of despotic powers)? Should I continue to serve the Mughals with the type of loyalty and duties they sometime demand, which are humiliating to my inner self and disturbing to my faith in Sikhism? What should I do?” Guru Har Krishan Ji answered all such questions. To the illiterate He advised that they should devote all their energy to service and love for those who are in need of human sympathy and help. Guru Ji advised that listening to the scriptures lovingly and conscientiously was as good as reading them. A Sikh’s first and foremost commitment should be to the Almighty, His Faith and Truth. He should avoid involvement in any such service which comes into serious conflict with his Faith. Anything which destroys a person’s inner self, and causes injury to his conscience should be given up.

Guru Har Krishan Ji answered such questions in parables and illustrated them with guidance from Sikh history. These inspiring sermons changed the whole life of the listeners. The soul stirring wisdom of the young Guru, His charming and attractive personality, the stories of His charity, compassion and selflessness spread far and wide. His Hukamnama to the Sangat of Patna shows that within a year, far flung provinces had acknowledged Him as the true Guru and accepted Him as their true spiritual leader. Whoever heard about His spiritual greatness was anxious for Guru Ji’s darshan and touch His holy feet. The number of those who accepted Guru Har Krishan Ji as the true successor of His father increased. Ram Rai’s followers decreased, every month. His main stronghold was Lahore, where there still is a building which continued to be Ram Rai’s ashram. Here at the ashram, all successors of Ram Rai come for missionary training and the study of Sikh scriptures.

Aurangzeb’s Invitation

Sri Guru Har Rai Ji’s elder son requested the emperor to call Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji to Delhi. The emperor reflected upon Sri Ram Rai’s words thinking to himself that Sri Ram Rai was forcing him to invite his younger brother out of jealousy. Guru Har Krishan Ji was very young and at this age
He should be with His mother. Even if he did invite Him, how would He come? He has never left His home for any reason. Between brothers it is natural to have rivalry and jealousy just like what had happened in his family. He reflected that he had to kill his brother to become a king. This type of rivalry was found everywhere in the world. In a relationship there was always a lot of pain and unhappiness. The same thing had happened in this family. He thought it was just like what he had done, the younger brother has taken over the throne, in this case the spiritual throne. He pondered and thought that he could send a messenger to ask Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji to come to Delhi but then the emperor was also reserved as he was afraid that if Sri Har Krishan Ji, a religious person, got angry He could put a curse on him.

Earlier he thought when he had invited Sri Guru Har Rai Ji, He sent his son, Sri Ram Rai who had spiritual powers and could perform miracles. Sri Ram Rai did everything according to the emperor’s wishes. He has tested him in many ways.
Now if he, the emperor, put pressure and invited the Guru again, He would think that I was being over powering as his elder brother was already with him. What need was there for Him to come here also.
After reflecting on their conversation Aurangzeb finally spoke to Sri Ram Rai asking him what reason should he give the Guru for the invitation. Should he say that he wants Him to perform miracles and then would He think that you already do that for me? He said he didn’t think it was wise to send a messenger to invite Him. He was concerned that Guru Har Krishan Ji was very young and the journey would be a difficult one. The emperor pointed out to Sri Ram Rai that they were both sons of the same Guru and had the same spiritual powers. Guru Har Krishan Ji may have more spiritual powers than the elder one because He had been installed as the Guru. He said that he thought they would invite Him when He was a little older. It seemed so unreasonable to invite him now.
Sri Ram Rai heard the emperor’s words and agreed the emperor was right. However there were two ways of calling Him to Delhi. The first way would be in arrogance, by show of strength and demanding that He comes but this method was not appropriate as there were concerns that if He got angry, He might curse them and being spiritually very powerful whatever He uttered would come to be. The second way was to humbly request that He comes to Delhi. If He came willingly the emperor must show respect and request for His darshan and give him an exalted place next to him.

Raja Jai Singh who was present during their conversation expressed his opinion to them, “I have heard Sri Ram Rai and I agree with him whole heartedly that Guru Ji should be invited with utmost respect through humble request.”
Raja Jai Singh continued his conversation by telling them of what had happened previously. He said “Sri Guru Hargobind Ji was also invited by the emperor, Jahangir. Satguru Ji was always armed with bow and arrows. Jahangir had appealed to Guru Ji to pray for him because an astrologer had warned him of the calamity that would befall him. He had also said that it would be avoided if a holy person prayed for him in
the Guwaliar prison. This was a huge prison and all kinds of prisoners were held there. Satguru Ji accepted the emperor’s request and went into the prison and meditated on the ‘Naam’ for 40 days. There were fifty-two Rajput kings who were imprisoned for life by the emperor. Satguru Ji told Jahangir to treat them well and give them enough food and clothes. After the meditation was completed, Guru Ji left the prison and also succeeded in bringing about the release of all the Rajput kings with Him. They attained their freedom by holding the edge of Guru Ji’s robe. The Rajput kings were very grateful and until today their incident is mentioned and talked about by them. In this world, holy and spiritual people will always accept any request which is made humbly and they will fulfill them. The present Guru is also the descendent of the same family. If you make a humble request, I am sure he will appreciate it and come.”
The emperor was in agreement with Raja Jai Singh’s opinion. He decided that Raja Jai Singh was the right person to be assigned to initiate Guruji’s visit to Delhi. He thought that if Guru Ji became angry, it will be directed to Raja Jai Singh and if He accepted the invitation happily, then everyone will get His darshan.
Aurangzeb then said to Jai Singh“you have made a very good suggestion. I think you are the right person to initiate the efforts to invite Guru Har Krishan Ji here. Get a person who is very capable and who would be able to appeal to Guru Ji to come here without making Him angry.” He said to Jai Singh to make all the preparations necessary to bring Guru Ji to Delhi, to do it with the utmost respect, to make arrangements for any mode of transport that Guru Ji requested and to send a lot of offerings and to include a special gift from the emperor first before any requests are made to Him. The emperor requested a very humble letter be written to Guru Ji and he suggested something like “Guru Ji, please come to Delhi and pay us a visit and bless us with Your darshan. Consider me as Your humble servant and You are my master.” Jai Singh replied after hearing the emperor’s request, “I will attend to this matter immediately. I will try my best to serve Guru Ji as this is your wish and by taking this responsibility I will also get a chance to have Guru Ji darshan. I might also get blessing if Guru Ji is pleased with my ‘sewa’. I will definitely request Guru come here and meet with you. I have heard that just by having his darshan all ones difficulties will disappears. His glory is great. Everywhere people are talking about His greatness.”

Thus, it was unanimously decided that inviting Guru Har Krishan Ji to Delhi was the right thing to do. The emperor went back to his palace and all the others left the fort and went back to their homes in their palanquins.
People started talking about what happened in the palace. Some people were in favor of Sri Ram Rai’s decision to call Guru Ji to Delhi and the others who criticized his action saying, “he has not done right by harboring jealousy and ill-feeling towards his younger brother. It was his father who installed the younger brother. He is criticizing his father’s action. He has instigated the emperor to call Sri Har Krishan Ji here and ask Him to perform miracles. Sri Har Krishan Ji has just followed His father’s instructions. He has not snatched the spiritual throne by force from His elder brother. It was His father’s decision to forbid Sri Ram Rai to come back. Guru Ji had said in anger that He does not even want to see Sri Ram Rai’s face. Sri Har Krishan Ji had nothing to do with this decision of His father but Sri Ram Rai is taking his anger out on Him. The emperor tried to dissuade him from calling Guru Har Krishan Ji to Delhi but he was adamant and succeeded in persuading him to send the invitation. Both brothers have great spiritual powers and are able to perform miracles. When they meet anything can happen. It is difficult to imagine what they might say to each other. Just like an experienced swordsman never misses his target. In the same way the words uttered by these two brothers will come to pass and they may even hurt each another.”
The governors were having similar discussions amongst themselves. Meanwhile Sri Ram Rai reached home. He was extremely pleased with himself for achieving what he had desired.

Raja Jai Singh Initiates Guru Ji’s Visit

Sri Ram Rai reached his dera after leaving Aurangzeb’s court and came and sat in the sangat. Bhai Behlo the son of Bhai Gurdas Ji delightfully announced “Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji has showered his blessings and all the desires are fulfilled”.
Sri Ram Rai sat there and reflecting on his plans and thinks that now the emperor had agreed to invite Guru Har Krishan Ji, He would come to Delhi No doubt the situation
will be worsening with the emperor, upon Guru Ji’s arrival in Delhi. Guru Ji himself had said that he would not give his darshan to a sinner. Guru Ji’s vow would be broken once He comes here and Aurangzeb obtains Guru Ji’s darshan. Everyone will then perceive Guru Har Krishan Ji to be insincere. Then how would He be able proclaim Himself to be the Guru.
There would be no credibility for Him anymore as everyone will start to lose respect for Him and then no one will want to obey His instructions. However if Guru Ji foresees this upcoming unpleasant situation that could arise by coming to Delhi He would definitely decline the invitation. Then His residency in Kiratpur will also be jeopardized as the emperor will not tolerate anyone not doing as he wished. Guru Ji does not possess the armed strength to defend against the vast Moghul army. He would have no other place to go to and no one would want to shelter Him for the fear of the emperor’s rage.

Those devotes who visit Guru Ji will be fearful too as they wouldn’t want to be subjected to the emperor’s anger, they will avoid meeting Guru Ji which will terminate their affairs with Guru Ji. Those who still persist to be with Guru Ji will suffer. There isn’t adequate water supplies inMalwa district. The emperor could make their life difficult by reducing or cutting off water supplies. The sangat would not have a place to stop and rest, therefore they will stop coming. The sangat will definitely start coming to me. Then I would be placed on the throne. I will offer plenty wealth to the masands and give them saropao43 (honour). I would treat them all with respect. I have created the ideal situation to stop Guru Har Krishan Ji from coming here.
Sri Ram Rai absorbed in his owm thoughts and could see that he would benefit either way whether Guru Ji comes or not, his intentions of proclaiming himself as the Guru would be accomplished. He was very pleased with his plan and how things were working out.
Raja Jai Singh Ji called upon an army chief (an old wise man) to assist with the task assigned to him. Raja Jai Singh told him that the emperor had ordered him the Raja to invite Guru Har Krishan Ji to come to Delhi. He asked him to bring along a beautifully decorated palki and esteemed horses. To take along offerings for Guru Ji and with utmost respect humbly present them before Guru Ji. Then with folded hands request Guru Ji to come and place his holy feet on the land of Delhi thus blessing it. The Raja instructed him to go immediately without any delay.
Sri Ram Rai monitored closely the developments by assigning a person to check on Raja Jai Singh. Sri Ram Rai thought that Guru Ji would see the humbleness of Raja Jai Singh and his utmost respect with the offering of precious gifts. Guru Ji would be happy with him and would agree to come to Delhi. Now Sri Ram Rai was getting worried about Raja Jai Singh. The Raja would become His disciple. This might make things worse for him. What if there were even more people that would be fascinated by Guru Ji. Worse stillthese people would inform Aurangzeb and he may also start favoring Him.
Sri Ram Rai Ji then thought that this would work against his plan to claiming the Gurship throne. He knew that Guru Ji had more miracle powers than him. Maybe it was better that Guru Ji didn’t come at all. Sri Ram Rai now started hoping that Guru Ji goes to Malwa village rather than coming to Delhi.
Sri Ram Rai always remained in this anxiety state because of his jealously and ill feeling towards his younger brother.

Raja Jai Singh’s Representative Pleads to Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji

Jaipur’s Raja Jai Singh sent his representative to meet Guru Har Krishan Ji. The representative together with a few other people started their journey heading for Kiratpur. After passing through many villages they reached Kiratpur. The representative was very eager to meet Guru Ji. When Guru Ji found out about their arrival GuruJi sent food for them and made arrangement for their stay. Guru Ji enquired about all their needs. The representative slept comfortably that night and the next morning took his bath and got ready. The representative then sent a messenger to meet Guru Har Krishan Ji.
When the messenger met Guru Ji he said, “Jai Singh is a great Raja. He is the owner of Jaipur and is very famous. He keeps close acquaintance with Aurangzeb. That Raja has sent his representative. The representative arrived at night in Kiratpur. He is well aware of all the history and customs of the Guru’s House. He wants to meet with you. He has sent me to get your permission. Once he gets the permission he will came and visit you. By getting your darshan he will be blessed.”
Knower of all, the great Guru Har Krishan Ji replied, “Come in the evening and join the congregation. You all have travelled very far, take good rest now.” The messenger delivered the message to the representative.
When it was close to evening Guru Ji said, “Start preparing for the congregation. Lay all the beautiful carpets. Decorate the place beautifully so that whoever sees it will be fascinated.” Taking Guru Ji orders all of the sewadar’s started the preparations for the arrival of their guests.
The ‘channi’ (canopy) was decorated with precious stones and beautiful embroidery. Soft carpets were laid on the floor. From all corners the place was decorated very beautifully. In the middle of the room a beautiful bed was prepared for Guru Ji.
Guru Ji came and set on the beautifully decorated bed. All Guru Ji’s sewaks were sitting around him.
Guru Ji sitting on the bed was looked like a statue of supreme knowledge. He was in the form of a young child but had the intelligence of an adult. He has beautiful nails. He was wearing a soft material. His shoulders were broad and his hands were long. He was wearing a Kerra (iron bangle) on his wrist. He was wearing a turban on His head. The turban was decorated with a Kalgi (aigrette). His face was as beautiful as the moon.
When the crowd gathered, the ragis started singing hymns in ragas. Those who listened with one mindedness felt liberated.

The representative sent by Raja Jai Singh was invited. The representative arrived shortly. Having faith and love in his heart for Guru Ji he was delighted to have Guru Ji’s darshan. Seeing Guru Ji made him very happy. Putting his hands together he bowed his head at Guru Ji’s feet. Then he sat in front of Guru Ji.
With folded hands the representative said, “The Raja of Jaipur is Jai Singh Sevae. He has close relations with Aurangzeb. Raja Jai Singh with folded hands and lots of hope has made a request that You come to Delhi and visit and bless the sangat of Delhi. There is another reason to it; Aurangzeb has also requested Raja Jai Singh to invite you. The Raja has sent a message for you.” He gave the message to a sewadar. The sewadar took the message and read if aloud. Listening to the message Guru Ji understood the Raja’s intentions.
Till evening the shabads were sung. At the end of the congregation “Ardaas’ was done. Guru Ji then left together with everybody else. The representative went back to his dera.
Meanwhile the general public was concerned about Sri Ram Rai’s actions. They knew Sri Ram Rai was very jealous and had complained to the Emperor. The Emperor was now calling for Guru Har Krishan Ji. They all thought that Sri Ram Rai had not done the right thing. He was jealous of his younger brother. These thoughts and observations of Sri Ram Rai’s plan spread like wild fire. The public was concerned that Aurangzeb, who was a very mean and stubborn man has called for Guru Ji. Aurangzeb had treated saintly people very badly previously, even killed people who went against him and he had no fear of the Almighty. What bad deeds was he going to carry out against Guru Ji? The public felt that Sri Ram Rai did not do the right thing.

Discussions on Visit to Delhi

The news of Guru Har Krishan Ji being invited to Delhi by the emperor through Raja Jai Singh spread. The Masands and Guru Ji’s mother (Mata Kishan Kaur Ji) also heard about the news and she got worried. The elders and leaders of the Guru’s house got together and met Guru Ji’s mother. Some of the elders were invited and some came on their own accord. Discussions in relation to the invitation to Delhi started.
There were concerned that the emperor was a very mean person who insisted on having everything his way. He wanted people to show him miracles. Otherwise he tried other ways of getting his way. Sri Ram Rai was the one full of jealousy. He must have given this idea of inviting Guru Ji to the emperor. Sri Ram Rai could not accept the fame of his younger brother. Guru Ji is very young. He did not get any support from his elder brother”.
As they were discussing these concerns Guru Ji appeared. Seeing Guru Ji everybody stood up with folded hands, bowed their heads in respect. Guru Ji sat amongst them. Guru Ji’s mother asked Him, “What do you feel? Your brother is very jealous of you. He has convinced the Emperor to call you to Delhi. You must go to Delhi; otherwise there might be bigger problems. The Emperor will be angry if you don’t follow his instructions. He will create a lot of problems and will be difficult to reconcile.”
Listening to them Guru Har Krishan Ji said, “I will not visit Him, nor allow Him to visit me. My father kept His promise and so will I. As the mountains do not move my father’s said words will not change.”

Hearing Guru Ji’s word the Masands and Mataji got worried. Everybody with folded hands made a request, “You are the greatest. You are filled with good virtues. Do such a deed that will benefit everyone and will not cause any damage to your standing. If you do not go to Delhi, Aurangzeb who is a mean person will create problems. He will send his soldiers and declare a war against us. How will we confront him?”
Guru Ji heard them all and very politely replied, “Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji will do good. He will settle all our problems.” Saying this Guru Ji left.
Raja Jai Singh’s representative was invited and with lots of respect Guru Ji asked him to sit. Then Guru Ji told him, “This is my stand, I don’t want to meet Aurangzeb nor allow him to meet me. This is what was practiced by my father till the end and I am going to do the same. I will not go against my father’s principals. What does Aurangzeb want from me that he has conveyed through Raja Jai Singh to invite me to Delhi. The emperor wants to see miracles, this purpose has been served with the presence of my brother who now resides in Delhi. As and when the emperor wants to see miracles, my brother shows it to him. I don’t see the necessity for me to go there. Ponder over it and tell me what you feel.”
After hearing Guru Ji, the representative with folded hands started pleading with Guru Ji. “Guru Ji, everyone is a begger and You are the giver. Actual fact is that you are the house of miracles. All three worlds are under Your command. That is why Raja Jai Singh with lots of love has requested You to visit and bless him. Consider me as your servant. When You go to Delhi all will come to see You. Whatever You say, we will follow. I have made a promise to the Raja that I will bring Guru Har Krishan Ji to Delhi. I want to fulfill my promise.”

The representative continued to try and convince Guru Ji saying “if Raja Jai Singh finds out about your stand he will not force You to meet Aurangzeb. I have heard Raja Jai Singh praising you. He says that You are small in age but big in virtues. If Aurangzeb insists on seeing You, we will stop him. I will intervene and stop Aurangzeb. I will stay in Your orders. I am born as a Hindu and have always practiced Hinduism. I will not go against my given word. Please step into Delhi, all the Sikhs will follow Your orders. If You don’t want to meet Aurangzeb, You can come and stay in my house. To meet or not to meet is Your wish, do as You wish but please come to Delhi. In this manner I will not lose my dignity and the sangat’s wish to meet You will come true. Raja Jai Singh with much love has made this request to You. Now it’s up to You to make the decision as you see fit.”

Guru Har Krishan Ji to Delhi

Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji invited all the Masand leaders, learned people and asked what they thought of Him going to Delhi. He told them he wasfirm that neitherwould He allow the Moghul emperor to
see Him nor would He see him. He said that Raja Jai Singh and He had a very good and loving relationship. The Raja had invited Him to Delhi and Guru Ji felt that he could not reject his invitation. Guru Ji thought that it was only appropriate that He went to Delhi.”
Hearing what Guru Ji said, the Masandh’s and Mataji were very pleased. They felt that if Guru Ji kept good relations with the emperor, then Kiratpur will be safe. Knowing the emperor’s character as being very stubborn they didn’t know what he was capable of doing. They were all happy with Guru Ji’s decision and praised Him.
GuruJi started preparing for His journey. Next morning GuruJi woke up, took His bath and got dressed. Sitting in the congregation Guru Ji invited Raja Jai Singh’s representative. Guru Ji spoke, “You all have often spoken about the Raja’s love. Bearing that in mind I have decided to go to Delhi at his request. I will go and meet Raja Jai Singh but I will not see the Moghul emperor. I am telling you all now so please send a message to Raja Jai Singh that I have accepted his invitation and will visit Delhi.”
That is when somebody spoke, “Dear Guru Ji although Raja Jai Singh’s intention of inviting You are obviously being influence by Aurangzeb who wants to meet You however after meeting you I am sure that the Raja will honor Your instructions and will not go against your wishes. Be merciful and treat him as Your devotee and bless him with ultimate wisdom.”
Hearing Guru Ji’s wishes a message was prepared and sent to Raja Jai Singh that read as follows, “Considering your love, Guru Ji has made up His mind to come and visit You. When You meet Guru Ji please stay in His command. What your mind says the same should be uttered by your mouth, and should not be otherwise, Guru Ji is knower of all secrets. When GuruJi sees dishonesty he retracts. As you have made a promise to the Moghul emperor that Guru Ji will come there, now your wish has come true due to you good fortune. Guru Ji will reach Delhi in few days.”
Hearing that Guru Ji agreed and would soon commence His journey, King Jai Singh was overwhelmed and was very pleased. Raja Jai Singh prepared Karah Persad47 and after Ardaas shared it with everyone. His urge to see Guru Ji grew even greater. He kept waiting for Guru Ji and sent many letters.
Raja Jai Singh’s representative went several times to see Guru Ji and requested for the departure dates as Raja Jai Singh was getting very eager to meet Guru Ji. The representative came with folded hands, prostrated before Guru Ji and said very humbly, “Oh provider of happiness; a beautiful chariot studded with precious stones has been prepared for your journey. A beautiful and comfortable mattress has been laid for you.”
As many devotees from other countries were coming to see Guru Ji day and night, the trip to Delhi got delayed and many days passed. There was no opportunity to leave. Many came from far distances to visit Guru Ji and present their gifts to Guru Ji. Some came from west and some from east. Countless devotees came to see Guru Ji. Raja Jai Singh’s representative kept on requesting Guru Ji to commence the journey. In this manner many days passed.
Finally listening to the srepresentative Guru Ji got ready and managed to leave Kiratpur. Two thousand two hundred (2200) horse ridden warriors fully dressed, on strong horses followed Guru Ji. The Nishan Sahib was held up high in the air. Kiratpur was empty. Many followed Guru Ji, taking with them a lot of things. King Jai Singh’s representative travelling with the procession was overjoyed.

Blessing Egoistic Pandit Lal Chand

Early in the morning Guru Ji took his bath and got ready to leave for Delhi. Before living Panjokhara, Guru Ji said to his Sikhs, “When crowds of sangat comes instruct them to stop here and tell them what I have said. From this point onwards nobody should follow me. After
visiting this place they should leave. By doing this they will attain my happiness. After saying that to the Sikhs, Guru Ji moved forward and got onto the chariot.
Strong horses and warriors with their weapons were traveling behind Guru Ji. In the day they would travel and at night after dinner they would sleep and the next morning they would continue their journey. After much traveling they reached a town where they decided to rest. There they came across a pandit (scholar) by the name of Lal Chand who possessed vast knowledge of prominent scriptures. He was big headed and arrogant. He was very proud of his knowledge and his Brahmin caste. He considered himself to be most intelligent. If he were to meet a knowledgeable person he would challenge them and boast of his knowledge.

The pandit reached the place where Guru Ji was resting. He asked a Sikh, “Who is resting here? Where has He come from and where is He going? What is His name? Tell me everything.”
The Sikh answered, “He is the True Guru (Satguru). In this world He is known as Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji. He is sitting on the throne of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is Almighty himself”.
Upon listening to the Sikh, Pandit Lal Chand could not control his emotions. He said, “He has become Sri Har Krishan. Everybody knows Lord Krishan. He has kept even a bigger name than Lord Krishan. He has kept His name as Sri Har Krishan. The true Lord Krishan wrote the Holy Bhagvad Gita. Whoever reads it goes on the right path. The saloks in the Bhagvad Gita are very difficult. Can this person give me the meaning of the saloks? To keep a name such as Sri Har Krishan is very easy, but to have his virtues is impossible. To be able to have the same name as Lord Krishan this person should be able to answer all the questions pertaining to the holy Bhagvad Gita. Otherwise what ever you have said about Him is a lie. I will not believe whatever you have said.”
After listening to the Pandit, the Sikh said, “Please wait here, I will go and ask Guru Ji as Guru Ji is aware of everything. He will have answers to all your questions.” Saying this he went to Guru Ji. Bowed his head and explained to Guru Ji what the Brahmin pandit has said. The Sikh then asked Guru Ji what he should say to him as he was standing outside.
Smiling Guru Ji answered, “This Brahmin pandit does not have faith. That is what I sense. If he wants answers, bring him to me. What he wants to know, we will tell him with the blessing of Guru Nanak as no one goes empty handed from Guru Nanak’s court. He is infected by the ego disease therefore he is being arrogant. Whoever considers themselves to be great, they are in fact being blind folded by their self- Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji Academy created pride. They are not able to sense or adopt good virtues. Therefore they go astray from the path of truth and their goal to immerse in Supreme Being (Atma) remains unfulfilled and they go through numerous reincarnation cycles. So they remain separated from Almighty. Satguru is the only one who can relieve the pandit from this disease and safe him from the suffering that he is going through. He is proud of his Brahmin caste and his knowledge. Two diseases are together. Call him so that his pain can be removed and you too will be blessed for bringing him.”
The Sikh went to Pandit Lal Chand and said, “Dear Pandit Ji you may proceed to meet Guru Ji, ask him the questions and fulfill your desire. I have already told Guru Ji all you have said and He has asked for you.”
The Brahmin with much excitement went towards Guru Ji. While walking into Guru Ji’s tent he contemplated on the questions that he wanted to put forward for explanation.
The Pandit went before Guru Ji without any posture of respect and with his overflowing ego he sat near Guru Ji on equal position. Seeing him Guru Ji asked, “Dear Brahmin, ask freely without any hesitation, what is in your mind?
The Brahmin answered, “Lord Krishan Ji is an Avtaar (prophet) who was full of knowledge. In the greatest state of knowledge He created Bhagvad Gita. You have kept your name even greater than His and you are sitting on a throne. You are proclaiming yourself to be a Guru. I have lots of questions regarding the Bhagvad Gita. You have to answer to all my questions; otherwise the name kept by You is not appropriate.”
Guru Ji replied, “If I answer all your questions your doubts may remain and you may say that I am very fortunate to be born as the son of Guru Har Rai Ji’s and might have been given the most finest divine knowledge. Please search for a person of your choice and bring him to me. He will answer all your questions.”
Listening to Guru Ji Pandit Lal Chand’s ego went to town and approached a mute, deaf and totally illiterate person who delivered water from house to house. His name was Chhajju Ram. Pandit Lal Chand thought this is the person I will use to prove the incompetence of Guru Ji. Chhajju ram was dark skinned and his clothes were all torn. The Brahmin caught hold of his hand and explained to him, “You have to do something for me. You can come back after a few hours and continue your work.”

The Pandit led the man to where Guru Ji was. In his mind he thought of the most difficult questions he could put to Guru Ji.
When they arrive Guru Ji gazed at Chhajju Ram with many blessings50 and said, ‘In the Name of our Glories Master, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, we pray that the light of wisdom descends on your mind, heart and soul, and you should then recite the in-depth divine knowledge of Bhagvad Gita.’ The man went into a trance and there was a strange glow on his face. He completely lost consciousness of the outside world, and everyone saw him sitting in a Samadhi () poseduring which some new consciousness opened within him. Then, as if he was in communion with higher realms and the spheres of inner revelation, he started reciting the Bhagvad Gita, with remarkably sweet accent and linguistic intonation of the Sanskrit language.
On hearing Chhajju Ram, who was of a lower caste to the Brahmin Pandit, recite Bhagvad Gita with remarkable accuracy, Pandit Lal Chand’s pride and vanity was shaken from the roots. This amazing phenomenon was so awe inspiring that the whole congregation was dumb founded. Pandit Lal Chand was speechless for a long time. Chhajju Ram went on reciting the Bhagvad Gita chapter after chapter.
Then smiling Guru Ji said, “Dear Pandit Ji, you may put forward the questions you have in your mind. He will now answer all your questions. Listening to him your doubt will be vanished and your mind shall be in peace.” Pandit Lal Chand wanted to put Chhajju Ram to test by questioning him on the various interpretations of the verses and doctrines. It was quite possible that he was reciting the Bhagvad Gita out of grace transferred to him by Guru Ji. But did he understand the Bhagvad Gita, or was he just acting as a passive medium of someone else. He started questioning Chhajju Ram, and Chhajju Ram spoke in Sanskrit as though he was a great learned person. The Brahmin began to put forward all the questions that he had in his mind. Chhajju Ram in return replied all his questions. The Brahmin asked him some ten questions. Within a short period Chhajju Ram answered all the Brahmins questions. Minute after minute the newly acquire knowledge of Chhajju Ram baffled the Pandit. He could not but believe that, “Even a mute, deaf and low caste water-carrier, when blessed and illumined by the grace of Almighty, can acquire from inner illumination, the knowledge of the sacred scriptures.” People all around were taken aback, they were shocked with what was happening.
Pandit Lal Chand was so overwhelmed by the sight of this strange and miraculous phenomenon, that his pride of being a Brahmin and a scholar was humbled. He felt that the perfect and prophet Guru Hari Krishan Ji had bestowed spiritual powers and enlightenment of the higher realms of consciousness on Chhajju Ram, which he as a Brahmin Pandit had as yet to achieve. He was a Sanskrit scholar of repute, but he was still an unlettered man in the language of love, humility, and inner revelation.
He was a scholar with matchless intellectual achievements but the portals of his conscience and heart were veiled with pride and dark ignorance of higher truths. He fell at the feet of Guru Har Krishan Ji saying, “You are a living Krishna, You are a living Rama, You are a physical form of the Almighty himself. Forgive my ignorance and attitude towards you. Have mercy on me. I have hurt you. I have insulted you. I have blindly questioned your spiritual greatness. Be gracious enough to forgive me.”
The compassionate Guru Ji said, “Pandit Lal Chand all your life you have been conscious of being born twice, as a Brahmin of the highest order and as a matchless scholar. We do not doubt all these great achievements and qualities which you have acquired by immense labor. We respect your learning and position in the Hindu society. But ours is the faith for all castes, all creeds, and all nationalities. You are conscious of being superior to all low caste people. Their very touch pollutes your body. You believe that they are born as ignorant and lowly people and must remain so, all their life. In Guru Nanak’s faith a sweeper or a cobbler who loves and worships the Almighty and is virtuous and noble in his action is as great as any Brahmin, therefore recite the name of AlmightyWaheguru in your mind.”
Hearing what was said the Brahmin started removing his ‘Jeneo’ (the sacred thread), I am your Sikh, I don’t have any pride for my caste or my knowledge, and I have come to your sanctuary.”
Guru Ji said “Remain a Brahmin and recites Waheguru, the Almighty’s Name , you will be liberated”. The Pandit repeatedly said, “I have come in your sanctuary, please do not push me away”.
As done in those days, Guru Ji toe was dipped into a bowl of water (Charn-amrit) and the pandit was blessed and he became Guru Ji’s Sikh51. The Pandit acknowledged and understood Guru Ji’s greatness.

Guru Har Krishan Ji in Delhi

Guru Ji spent one night there and left for Delhi the next day. Guru Ji traveled in a chariot. As they were getting closer to DelhiRaja Jai Singh’s representative came and asked Guru Ji’s permission to leave and said to Guru Ji, “I am going to go and inform Raja Jai Singh about your arrival. He will be very pleased. He will come forward and welcome you. Please bless Delhi with the touch of your feet and at the same time the sangat there will get a chance to see you.”
Guru Ji replied, “You have understood my conditions and once you arrive in Delhi please inform them of these. Keep in mind my principles and the promise that I have made. Before meeting me they should know and understand them. Go and explain to Raja Jai Singh.”
After getting permission from Guru Ji the representative left. When he reached Delhi he went straight to meet Raja Jai Singh. He explained everything that took place in Kiratpur Sahib. He said, “Maharaj, Guru Ji doesn’t want to meet Aurangzeb. Neither does he want Aurangzeb to visit him. This same promise was also made by Guru Har Rai Ji which He kept till the end. Guru Ji did not want to come to Delhi. I told Him about how much you wanted him to come. I also told Him to come and bless the sangat of Delhi. As for not wanting to see Aurangzeb, I told Him it was up to Him. I begged Him s and acknowledging your love He has agreed to come. Thousands of sangat were coming consistently to visit Guru Ji from within and outside the country. He fulfills everybody’s wishes. How do I praise Him? If I say He is an ocean of praises still that is not enough. You are very lucky that Guru Ji is coming here. You must stay in His command and not go against Him. In the morning we must go and welcome Him. With much respect we must meet Him. Do sewa (selfless service) and you will obtain what ever you want.” The Raja was also told about how on the way the Sangat was lining up by the road side to meet and greet Guru Ji.
Listening to his representative, Raja Jai Singh was very pleased. He was very excited. He instructed everybody to start preparing for the arrival. The next morning the Raja together with his people walked bear foot to greet Guru Ji. When Guru Ji arrived they bowed and welcomed Him. Seeing them Guru Ji stopped His chariot, got down and met Raja Jai Singh.
Raja Jai Singh with folded hands greeted Guru Ji and had a conversation with Guru Ji. After which he got onto his horse. Then together they headed to a place called Jai Singh Pura. On their way the Sangat was waiting alongside the road. With folded hands they were welcoming Guru Ji. They were praising Guru Ji and saying, “He is the younger brother of Sri Ram Rai. He is sitting on the throne. He is the same as Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He is young however His intelligence is limitless.”
As they were approaching the palace, Raja Jai Singh got down from his horse. With folded hands he came over and offered to helpGuru Ji down from the chariot. Together they walked to the palace. At that time of the year the weather was very cool. In the palace for Guru Ji’s arrival beds were decorated beautifully. On beautiful carpets they all sat. Soon after an announcement was made to the Sangat stating “Please come tomorrow to visit Guru Ji, as this is what He wishes.”
Hearing the announcement the Sikhs went back to their homes.

Guru Ji’s Determination

Raja Jai Singh was very impressed with the humbleness, kindness, humanity and politeness of Guru Ji and he observed Guru Ji’s Sikhs performing sewa (selfless service). After having dinner, Guru Ji went to sleep. Guru Ji woke up in the small hours of the morning and took a bath.
Meanwhile Jaipur’s raja wanted to inform the emperor on the arrival of Sri Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji. First he came to meet Guru Ji and said, “I wish to go to the Emperor and I came here to show my respect to you and to get your blessings. I will inform him of your arrival and your well-beings.” Listening to the Raja, in a firm voice Guru Ji said, “Please tell the Emperor that I will never meet him. You tell him this and listen to what he will say. I do not wish to establish any relationship with him. I am here because of your love and to meet the Sangat of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Otherwise, I would have never come to Delhi. I will uphold my vow and my father’s wishes. Take my word Aurangzeb will not have my darshan. You are wise and intelligent so please understand this.”
After listening to Guru Ji, Raja Jai Singh went into deep thought on how to convey Guru Ji’s message to Aurangzeb. He left to meet with the Emperor. When he reached there he folded his hands before Aurangzeb and said, “You asked me to initiate Sri Guru Har Krishan Sahib Ji’s visit to Delhi so that the citizens can obtain His blessings. Guru Ji has now arrived and is staying in my palace”. Hearing this, the Emperor ordered his messenger to take some gifts with him and go to Guru Ji. The emperor said, “Fold your hands upon reaching Guru Ji and then make your request. Ask Guru Ji, when will He bless me with his darshan?”
Meanwhile at the palace where Guru Ji was there were many Masand who were conversing the humble Ardaas (request) on behalf of the sangat before Guru Ji. Many Sikhs from Delhi had come and were presenting their gifts to Guru Ji. There were ragis singing the Gurshabads (hymns). The sangat, the blessed souls were listening to the shabads with love. Sikhs in Delhi were pleased to see Guru Ji and were obtaining His blessings.
The messenger on his arrival here entered the tent where Guru Ji was sitting. He folded his hands and prostrated before Guru Ji. He presented the gifts that Aurangzeb had sent for Guru Ji. He informed Guru Ji of the intentions of Aurangzeb to meet Guru Ji. He said, “Dear Guru Ji, I am here on behalf of my Emperor to invite you as his royal guest. I shall convey your kind words to my emperor.” Guru Ji replied, “My elder brother (Sri Ram Rai) is competent in every manner. He is capable of doing whatever he wishes. He always meets with the Emperor. Sri Guru Har Rai Ji is the form of Almighty, He is also my father therefore I only listen and obey His instruction. My father once told me that, my brother is very intelligent. He was sent to Delhi as the representative of Guru Nanak’s house to meet the Emperor. He was selected to meet the Emperor based on his ability to explain and dispel doubts of the Emperor. He demonstrated various miracles to fulfillthe emperor’s desires and satisfaction.” Guru Ji continued, “I was then instructed by my Guru Father not to meet the Emperor and I am only allowed to meet the sangat if ever I came to Delhi. Where two brothers get together in the same place, it creates frictions in their relationship because the self-conceit of trying to prove better than the other. Good examples here are brothers like Ram Chander Ji and Lakhshaman. They had so much love for each other. On the other hand, they were brothers who were worse than enemies. Bephikan helped Ram Chandar Ji kill his brother Ravan and Sugreev assisted Ram Chandar Ji kill his brother Bali. Aurangzeb himself killed his three brothers Dara Shikoh, Murad Baksh and Shah Shuja. There are many other examples of brother killing their own brothers to gain worldly fame and possession. Considering all this facts, my father prohibited me meeting the Emperor. So how can I disobey my father’s word? So please pass this message to the Emperor. Please explain to the Emperor in detail and tell him that I will always obey my father’s word.”
Hearing this, the Emperor’s messenger was amazed with Guru Ji’s honestly in expressing the truth, with folded hands he said, “You are so young at age but Your thoughts are much matured and Your determination is just like an unconquerable worrier. Many people look forward to meeting the Emperor but you are firm with Your principles which cannot be influenced in any manner. Untill today there has not been a single person whom the Emperor had strong desire to meet except for You but You are very firm with Your decision. No matter if it were a Hindu, Moghul, Guru or a Phir, no one has ever declined the Emperor’s order.” The messenger praised Guru Ji, folded his hands and prostrated before Guru Ji. He left the place in total astonishment.
On reaching the Emperor’s place he shared with him what Guru Ji said. He told the Emperor, Guru Ji said, “My father’s order is like a mountain, which cannot be shaken even by strong wind.” The messenger updated the Emperor word-for-word on everything Guru Ji had said to him and he reported his observations, “Guru Ji has no jealousy nor does He envy His brother and He is sitting on the throne because He deserves it. I think it was not wise for me to force Guru Ji against His Will. That is why I decided to keep quiet and listened to what Guru Ji had to say to me.”

Guru Ji the Healer of Pains

Suddenly Cholera broke out in some parts of Delhi. Alarmingly it brought death and suffering in its trail. From one area cholera spread to another. Although Mughal Emperors generally took great care to help the people during national calamities like famine and floods,
they were helpless in the face of this epidemic55.
Guru Har Krishan Ji asked prominent physicians of His darbar to accompany him to the affected areas. All victims of cholera were attended to and separated from their families to prevent it spreading. Guru Har Krishan Ji personally went from one hamlet to another, administering water sanctified by prayers and the divine Word. His physicians gave some medicines made from medicinal herbs. He spoke compassionately to every sick person. His very presence and sight brought inner healing and hope to these helpless victims of the disease who were hovering between life and death.

At that time cholera had spread in Delhi to a great extent. On drinking the Charn-amrit (sacramental water) many people were cured. One of the Guru Har Krishan Ji’s officials started giving some herbal medicines and the Charn-amrit to all those who sought it. Everyone was cured. The Guru’s compassion and charity began to be praised in every house. The news also reached the court of the Emperor where the Guru was praised by everyone56.
The suffering of the people faded away in the joy of meeting the divine inspirer whose words dispelled the fear of death, and made them feel the nearness of God. The very warmth of His magnetic touch filled their distressed and empty hearts with the joy of Almighty’s Presence.
The music of His healing words thrilled them. In their dire agony, when death stared at them with all its frightful suffering, Guru Har Krishan Ji whom the Hindus and Muslims called Bala-Pir came as herald of mercy. His magic touch gave them joy and hopes and pulled them through the ordeal of the disease. His presence also gave new life and new inspiration to their bewildered souls. There was something strangely wonderful in the personality of Guru Har Krishan Ji who had brought to their terror
stricken city the sacramental spring of a new life, a new peace and hope.

Within a few days the news of the healing powers of Guru Har Krishan Ji’s personality and the help He was rendering to the grief stricken families of the poor and downtrodden, spread throughout the city and in the neighborhood of Delhi. People from all walks of life flocked to Raja Jai Singh’s Haveli (palace) to get water sanctified by the touch of Guru Har Krishan Ji to heal their physical and mental ailments. Raja Jai Singh got a reservoir constructed and the water in it was sanctified by prayers and by the divine touch of the Guru. People with faith and devotion sought this water and felt inwardly changed57.
It was not only water but a fount of spiritual power which gave life, strength and enlightenment to those who drank it with humility and faith. It brought to the sincere devotees the blessings and grace of the divine Power. Men, women and children were healed. Countless lives were saved. The Bala-Pir (Guru Har Krishan Ji) of all caste and faith became a savior in the true sense of the word. Aurangzeb received news from his
reporters and from his courtiers about these amazing and wonderful happenings. He was wonderstruck to learn that innumerable lives had been saved, and the epidemic controlled. It is recorded that one of the members of the Royal family fell seriously ill, and the Guru’s sacramental water cured him58.
Then smallpox59 broke in a section of the city and created further panic. An alarming situation was created by this second epidemic. The Guru was advised not to go near these people. But the great healer was prepared to take every risk and even take the burden of the suffering of the helpless people on His person. The people who suffered from smallpox were isolated but were looked after very well. Guru Har Krishan Ji moved among them like a messenger of mercy and peace. When the bards of the Guru sang soul-stirring shabads from the scriptures, the sick and dying felt that the Spirit of man was mightier than the body:

When one is in dire straits, and there come none to help him; When his enemies press hard on him and his kinsman desert him,
When he has lost all hope and help, Let him only meditate on the Almighty,
And no harm shall touch him. Almighty is the strength of the weak; Unborn, Undying and Eternal, know the true Almighty.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji:
-Guru Arjan, Sri Rag Ang 70

When Guru Har Krishan Ji appealed to the people to turn to Almighty for health, strength, grace, power, and enlightenment He was calling upon Almighty’s Omnipotence. He convinced them that the ever available help of the Almighty can be invoked by prayer and sincere worship. The saving grace of God responds to sincere faith and pure hearts. Nothing that threatens human life, such as sickness, natural calamity, prisons of tyrants can place any limit on the divine help which a sincere seeker invokes through prayer and worship. Guru Har Krishan Ji made everyone feel that the miracle of healing through sanctified water, or through the blessings of the Master were the gracious miracles of Almighty. Almighty is ever close to us to help us in our dire needs. He urged the people to forget the fear of earthly Kings and Emperors, the fear of the rich and the powerful. He thus brought into focus Almighty’s transcendental concern for man. “No one is great for his wealth alone” He said. “He alone is great who loves the Lord with a single-minded devotion. Truth makes us free. Truth destroys doubts and Truth eliminates every sickness of the soul.

Though my body be crippled with disease, Though fate brings endless misfortunes on me, Though bloodthirsty tyrants fill my soul with terror, Though all these miseries be heaped on my head, Even then, my Lord, I shall praise Thee:
And I shall not grow weary of exalting Thy Holy Name.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Var Majh, Ang 142

Prince Visited Guru Ji

Once Guru Har Krishan Ji’s praises were uttered in Aurangzeb’s court detailing how great the young Master was and at a glimpse of whom all pains vanished Aurangzeb became even more eager to have Guru Ji’s darshan. He said ‘Raja Jai Singh, how can I meet Guru Har Krishan Ji. Is He willing to see me? I would very much like to have His darshan at least once as his darshan is equivalent to nectar, tranquility, steady and limitless. However I would only go to His presence with His agreement.’ Raja Jai Singh with folded hand said, ‘Please send your representative to Guru Ji on your behalf and I shall follow along to request Guru Ji to bless you with His darshan. Once we obtain Guru Ji’s acceptance, only then shall you proceed as Guru Ji’s will and wishes must be respected. Thousands of people come in groups from all over the world to visit Him and say that Guru Ji protected them immediately after they had embraced Guru Ji as their savior, some even say that they obtained a son, there are endless incidents that elevate Guru Ji’s glory. I have invited Guru Ji to Delhi as per your wishes by a humble and purely loving request’. Aurangzeb asked, ‘Who shall I appoint on my behalf to request Guru Ji for His darshan? At that moment Aurangzeb’s Prince walked into the court, Aurangzeb became delighted and picked his son onto his laps and said ‘Dear Son, you shall go to Guru Ji as your age is equivalent to His and take along a bag full of gold jewelries and a plate full of Dinar (Gold Coins) for Guru Ji. With folded hands request for His permission for me to have His darshan. If Guru refuses the request, then ask Him for a written message.’
The prince along with Aurangzeb’s ministers and Raja Jai Singh proceeded towards Guru Ji in a royal representation group. The news reached Guru Ji, Guru Ji ordered his Sikhs to roll down a veil before Him and the entire place was prepared for Sat Sangat (true congregation) with praises of Almighty (Kirtan) being sang.
The royal delegation came through the main entrance where the guards stood with their authority rod made of gold. They came and prostrated in representation of Aurangzeb before Guru Ji who was sitting behind the veil. With folded hands the Umrao (leader of Aurangzeb’s court) said, ‘Our King wishes to have your darshan. For this reason he is being represented by his beloved prince. Aurangzeb would like to initiate an audience through Raja Jai Singh as he has been waiting for some time now. He would like to follow the Almighty’s path therefore he wishes to be granted darshan of a divine people like Yourself. How much praise of Aurangzeb’s greatness can I utte, as he upholds truth and eliminates hypocrisy? He acknowledges Your greatness and this is why he has sent us to You’. Raja Jai Singh with folded hands continued by saying “that Aurangzeb initially had the desire to have your darshan and listen to Your ambrosial Gurbani (Sermons), but only if You accept his request. If you choose to uphold Your vow then please bless him by translating Guru Sabads into Persian language in writting. Aurangzeb shall be delighted still as if you had blessed him with Your darshan’.
Guru Har Krishan Ji said ‘the reasons for not meeting with Aurangzeb have been conveyed to him in earlier communications. The earlier incidences are all well known what else he would like to say during the audience. His earlier actions have portrayed evil desire therefore what is left for contemplation. My father, Guru Har Rai Ji had foreseen this and gave me strict instructions not to meet Aurangzeb. I can never go against this instruction at anytime. Therefore deliver a sermon from Gurbani – upon reading, completing and practicing this sermon will bring happiness and eliminate the pains of birth and death’.
Guru Har Krishan Ji asked his Diwan Durgah Mal to write the following hymn and also send its Persian translation:

Of what avail eating, of what avail dressing,
If the true Lord resides not in the heart.
Of what avail living on fruit,
Of what avail lustily consuming butter, sugar, molasses, flour & meat; Of what avail cushioned couches,
On which the rich recline and abandon themselves to lustful indulgence and revelry;
Of what use are mighty armies,
Of what avail are mace bearers and attendants and living in mansions of luxury
without meditating on the Name of Almighty. Says Nanak : all power and. wealth is transient.
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Guru Nanak: Majh Var. 142..

“Let this be my last communication to the Emperor” said Guru Hari Krishan Ji to the Prince, “My brother, Sri Ram Rai is already there in his court. He has done everything to entertain and please the Emperor. I cannot show any such magical shows as are daily performed by my brother. It is against our principles and traditions to make such a public demonstration of spiritual powers. Whether it is material power or spiritual power, it is all a gift from the Almighty. He gives us these powers and He can take them away. What is more important is to live in the remembrance of His bounties. We meet and part according to the Will of the Almighty. Our meeting with the Emperor also depends on the Will of the Almighty.66” When the prince returned he reported everything to the Emperor and expressed his profound admiration for Guru Har Krishan Jiand His spiritual insight.

King Jai Singh Tests Guru Ji

One day Aurangzeb said to Raja Jai Singh, “Guru Har Krishan Ji is still a child but the whole of Hindustan bows to Him. Everybody including you say that He is full of miracles. Everyone is praising Him. It is a hear say and everyone believes it, the rich and the poor. Have you ever tested him? Have you ever tried finding out if his powers are true? If you have never appraised him before then this it is time to do it.”
Raja Jai Singh replied, “I am afraid to offend Him. It is not appropriate to test somebody like Him. It is equally dangerous as playing with a baby snake. Being bitten by a snake there is no cure, similar to that no body will be able to save me. Anyway if you wish, I will comply with your request.” After saying that Raja Jai Singh departed.
He was heading home with a very conflicted mind. He said to himself, “I hope this would not result in an undesired manner. In the quest of acquiring happiness I hope I don’t get pain instead.” At night the Raja told his wife about Guru Har Krishan Ji and both of them discussed how to evaluate the Guru. After a lengthy discussion Raja Jai Singh said; “Tomorrow Guru Ji will be coming to our palace. Get all the queens and servants together. Make them wear beautiful clothes and decorate them with lots of jewelry. The jewelry should have studded stones and diamonds which glitter. They all must look beautiful. You are my beloved queen and I love you the most. You must be simple. Wear old clothes and do not decorate yourself with any jewelry. Sit in a corner on the ground, away from all the other queens. You must contemplate in your mind that you want Guru Ji to come and sit in your lap and that you will then bow to him and give him all the gifts. Guru Ji will be able to read your mind. Tomorrow morning all this should be done. Meet Guru Ji with lots of love and faith in your heart. You are very lucky to get a chance to meet Guru Ji.” Having planned this, both husband and wife went to sleep.
In the morning all the necessary preparation were made. They were all very excited about Guru Ji’s visit. All preparation was made by Raja Jai Singh personally.
Guru Ji knew that Raja Jai Singh did all that to appraise him. Guru Ji thought to himself, “He wants to test me by creating a situation that will expose the miraculous powers which I wish to hide. Almighty’s beloved ones never prefer to demonstrate their miraculous powers. However some irresponsible people use miracles merely to gain popularity or to acquire wealth belonging to others. It’s not a good practice to use these powers for vested interest as these powers are there to help mankind in gaining faith in the Almighty. Such persons will never be able to attain salvation especially those that use their powers to cheat others. I don’t want to show any miracles. If one person sees a miracle then the other person as well would want to see it. Now to how many people should I go around showing these miracles just like a magician? This was the reason why I avoided coming to Delhi. Considering Raja Jai Singh’s love I decided to come. Now he is abusing that love and he has not bothered to consider the consequences of such an act which will have impact on his future. He must be guided to recite the True Almighty’s Name which he has forgotten. In order to eradicate ego from within he must perform selfless service of the Sat Sangat (true congregation) and accept the Almighty’s Will. He has abandoned amrit and desired for poison.”
Knowing the fact that Raja Jai Singh would be coming to collect him, Guru Ji locked himself in one room. Guru Ji kept himself away from everyone and stayed alone in the room while Raja Jai Singh was very pleased with the preparation. He was getting ready to go and invite Guru Ji.
Raja Jai Singh came bare footed from his palace to invite Guru Ji. After a few hours of begging at Guru Ji’s door, Guru Ji accepted his request and blessed him with his darshan.

Guru Ji identified the Queen

Guru Ji got ready and walked out of his room. Together with Raja Jai Singh they headed towards the palace. The Raja was speaking to Guru Ji with respect. When they reached the main door, everyone stood up and saluted the Raja and prostrated before Guru Ji and touched Guru’s feet. Guru Ji was greeted with a royal welcome as Guru Ji walked into the decorated palace. In the garden were beautiful flowers, fruits and statues of tiger, elephant, deer, parrot and many other animals.
In the palace there was a very high platform which was decorated very grandly. Guru Ji was asked to sit there. Raja Jai Singh in his mind was eager to see the miracle that Guru Ji was about to perform. All the queens were looking very beautiful. They were decorated from head to toe. They wore very colorful and expensive clothes. They wore gold, diamonds and precious stone ornaments. Except for the main queen who wore old clothes and had a wish in her mind.
The leading Queen, who was dressed in servant attire, wished for Guru Ji to identify her and hoped that Guru Ji would come and sit in her lap, only then would she acknowledge Guru Ji as the knower of all upon which, she would place her forehead on Guru Ji’s feet. Having this wish in her mind she was sitting in one corner. She made toys for Guru Ji to play with and they were kept beside her. She made five gold horses that were studded with precious stones, five horses made of silver and five more made of sand which was painted with many colors.
When Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji came in, everybody with folded hands greeted Guru Ji. All the other queens did not stand up as instructed. They were quietly sitting and admiring Guru Ji. Guru Ji went and sat among the queens. Holding his stick which was made of flowers in his left hand he kept hitting all the queens one by one on their right hand and kept saying, “This is not the leading Queen.” Hitting all of them Guru Ji moved forward and said, “None of them is the leading Queen.”

Guru Ji said, “Clothes and jewelry are very beautiful”. After uttering these he went behind the queens. Observing this Raja Jai Singh was getting very surprised. The young Queens were also very surprised; all their effort in creating the drama which they acted was in vain. Guru Ji kept on walking towards the corner where the premier Queen was seated in servant attire quietly with her face facing down.
Guru Ji came to her; still she did not
look up. Guru Ji said, “From all the queens you are the main queen.”
Listening to what Guru Ji said, she was very pleased. She quickly held Guru Ji’s feet. Then Guru Ji sat on her lap. The main queen was pleased and said. “Guru Ji you are great.” Guru Ji replied, “You are a great woman, for you to sit here is not proper. You must always wear beautiful clothes and royal decorations. You are the premier Queen of the King. Why did you do such a thing? Go and sit on your throne. It is not right to play such tricks with Guru’s or saints. You would have to pay a price for your actions. You will never have a child.”
The premier Queen with folded hands gathered the toys and gave them to Guru Ji. The Queen said to Guru Ji, “you always like to play and you like wearing beautiful weapons therefore I have personally collected the finest gifts for you. Please forgive me and bless me with your mercy’. Raja Jai Singh contemplated in his mind that Guru Ji uttered the words out of dissatisfaction with his proceedings and he was very sure that Guru Ji’s word’s becomes the fate. He immediately prostrated on Guru Ji’s feet and said, ‘Guru Ji, please come and sit on the elevated seat’, Raja Jai Singh with utmost respect carried Guru Ji in his arms and reached the seat which was made with sandal wood. All the Queens came before Guru Ji with folded hands and humbly pleaded, ‘Guru Ji, we are your servants and you are our Master. You are the ocean of mercy and the knower of all hearts. Your greatness and praise can never be comprehended.’ Guru Ji remained in his calm state and did not respond.

Raja Jai Singh Become a Sikh

Observing the situation and upon listening to Guru Har Krishan Ji’s words, Raja Jai Singh and all his Queens were frightened. They realized that in the attempt to obtain bliss they had tested Guru Ji’s powers and had in turn displeased Guru Ji and He had said that the queen would be childless. Raja Jai Singh removed his turban and placed it on ground before Guru Ji, with folded hands he humbly uttered words for forgiveness ‘The greatest greatness of the great ones is to forgive the faults of the servants and once a servant is accepted then his entire shortcoming should not be observed. Just like sea has adopted the earth core fire within which continuously burns the sea water but the sea never abandons the fire although it is burning its water. In the same way, Guru Ji please bless me with such glance of blessing and do not be angry by observing my disobedience. Bless me with your sermons and honor me by embracing me as your disciple (Sikh). Kindly bless me Charn-amrit by which I will be purified and the aim of this body will be attained by becoming your Sikh’.
Upon listening Guru Ji said ‘Dear Raja Jai Singh the brave, who ever maintain faith consistently within Guru Nanak becomes their benefactor of all happiness and protects them by blessing his company forever. Almighty’s love is then blessed upon them which are beneficial in this world as well as the next world. The mind of the ones grasp by doubt always remains inconsistent in the state of faith and doubt. They are egoistic by proclaiming themselves as great just like the top of mountain is higher than ground but the water form of love cannot be contained at the peak of the mountain therefore, how will ever the crop form of service grow and the fruit of salvation never be obtained and the contented bliss will never be experienced even in the dreams. What more can be said to you, contemplate and realize Dear Raja’. Raja Jai Singh was ashamed, his eyes were set low with tears and he said very humbly ‘Sri Satguru Ji you are the motivator of all, you reside within as a companion to the mind. Whomever you wish to bless only to him you show the ultimate path. Please do not contemplate my fault by adopting me as your own and bless me with salvation by which ever means just like a father acknowledges his son. Please pardon all my previous mischievous behavior by uttering your blissful words and guiding me on the path of truth in future. Please bless me with your Charn-Amrit.’
Upon listening to Raja Jai Singh’s humble plea, Guru Ji said ‘You generation shall continue however after a few generations a queen shall rule your kingdom because you have given the prime role to the queen to test the miraculous power’s of Guru Nanak’s throne. This will be the only little fruit you have to bear from your deed otherwise everything else will be fine as you have served the Guru through which you shall be in peace and your kingdom will expand further. Your influence shall flourish and your name will be well respected. Guru shall be your protector and there shall be no moments of pain in your life.’ Raja Jai Singh was very delighted, he immediately requested for water and with Guru Ji’s permission he washed Guru Ji’s lotus feet, Raja Jai Singh drank the water with passion, he sprinkle it in his eyes and put some on his head. Raja Jai Singh embraced Sikhi. Thereafter all his queens also drank the nectar.
Raja Jai Singh and his queens respectively offered diamonds and placed their forehead at Guru Ji’s feet, they all were in high spirits and kept on saying ‘Great among the Greatest Guru Ji, He is the most supreme.’ 48 minutes before the sunset, Raja invited Guru Ji for Dinner. Guru Ji was served personally by the Raja himself in gold plates, bowl and utensils, all the six types of food was offered. The Raja served Guru Ji with great passion. Guru Ji fulfilled all Raja Jai Singh’s wishes.
As Guru Ji was about to leave he picked up Raja Jai Singh’s turban placed it back on Raja Jai Singh’s head, upon watching this graceful moment all the audience placed their forehead on the ground before Guru Ji. Guru Ji then walked towards His chariot while swinging His hand stick made from flowers.
After Guru Ji departed, Raja Jai Singh praised Guru Ji while talking to his queen ‘The True Guru Ji exist within all, he is knower of all the thoughts within as He knew your (queen) wish although you were hiding in the far most corner. Swinging His hand stick he reached you and sat in your lap while identifying you as the queen. Such is the greatness of Guru Ji who retains His servant’s honor always.’
Raja Jai Singh and his queen arranged the delivery of all the gifts (diamonds, gold coins, shawls, fine cloth, etc,) to Guru Ji’s lodge.

The gifts were secured by Guru Ji’s treasurer while Guru Ji was in his room. The people of Delhi came to visit Guru Ji, the glance of whom vanishes all sins. They bowed on Guru Ji’s feet and requested for their well-being. Day by day the gift offered to Guru Ji multiplied and number of aspirant increased as Guru Ji is the only one true Guru who is capable of blessing everything to everyone. The ones who came without any desire received salvation and knowledge of the Almighty’s path by which they abandoned all their worldly desires.
Guru Ji then contemplated and decided to abandon His physical form and immerse in His true form as the time had come for the predestined events to take place.

Guru Ji instructed Sikhs who were assigned to His personal service, not to allow anyone in, even if they were from far or near. If someone insisted then to get Guru Ji’s permission first.
All preparations were made; nobody was allowed to come close to Guru Ji. Day by day the small pox kept increasing on Guru Ji’s body. Everybody was told that Guru Ji was resting in his room. Aurangzeb’s representative often came and Raja Jai Singh was always there.
Guru Ji would lie down on the bed. Everybody knew that what was uttered by Sri Ram Rai was coming true. Otherwise Guru Ji would never be in this condition. Guru Ji was such that by getting His darshan illnesses would disappear. There were many people whose illnesses disappeared after getting Guru Ji’s darshan.
The sangat of Delhi were discussing and saying to each other, “In such a young age He was bestowed with the Gurship. He does not have any children. There is no Sikh who is capable enough! Then who will be the next Guru? His elder brother (Sri Ram Rai) can’t be the next Guru as His father Guru Har Rai Ji has disowned him. The current Sikh sangat who will they pray to. They will be a lot of controversies, who will be the next Guru and where will He be. Sri Ram Rai too does not have a child. Guru Ji’s uttered word’s will definitely come true”
Back at the new dhera the sangat would come and visit Guru Ji, show their respects to Guru Ji outside the door and enquire after Guru Ji’s condition then return back to their houses. As the days passed the small pox spread to Guru Ji’s entire body. Guru Ji’s Sikhs remain day and night in the service of Guru Ji’s. Seeing Guru Ji’s condition the Sikhs were very surprised and said to Guru Ji, “Guru Ji, why is your body in such a state, as in reality the pains and pleasures are in your hands (within your command). You are the creator of this universe and perfect in every way.”
Mataji would go and visit her son and was very worried about his condition. Seeing her young son Mataji would be very depressed. She said to her dear son “you are sitting on the throne of Guru Nanak Dev Ji, why is this happening to you? You are the hope of the sangat. The sangat comes and visits you from all four corners of the world. You give salvation to those who have faith. Don’t you pay any attention to your own body? You are still a child. It has been a tradition that only who deserves gets the Gurship. And you in a very young age have received this Gurship. Don’t do this the Gurship will otherwise end here. Carry on with your life and carry on the duties of a Guru.”
Hearing his mother Guru Ji consoleed his mother by saying, “What Waheguru (Almighty) has planned only that will happen. We can try as much as we can but what is supposed to happen will happen. If it is not suppose to be than it will not be. Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s Gurship is the ultimate truth and it will always remain. You are my mother and it’s not fitting for you to act in this manner. Just like other people you are getting attached. You must always stay in Waheguru’s (Almighty will. This materialistic world is merely fake. It is not real and it is temporary. An intelligent person will not have attachment to it.

HEverybody is going to leave this world some earlier and some later. This is how it has been, similar to a river. One who is born will definitely die. Take it as Waheguru’s play and it will remove your pain.” Listening to her son’s words, tears started rolling down her cheeks. Looking at her son’s body she went into deep thoughts.
Aurangzeb’s men use to come and visit Guru Ji, than report his condition to Aurangzeb. Sikh sangat was very worried they would ask each other, “Who’s darshan will we have in the future? He used to fulfill everybody’s wishes. We are very unlucky, unable to see Guru Ji. By seeing Him all pain and sorrow disappears. Sri Guru Har Krishan Ji is great; the whole universe works under His command. He has honored His brother’s words. ” There was much confusion and uneasiness among the sangat.

Sermons (Updesh) to Sangat & Jyoti Jot

It was Sudhi76 14th day of the month Cheth, 1721 Semvet Bikermi (6th April 1664 A.D.) at Gurdwara Bala Sahib on bank of Jamuna River, Delhi. Guru Ji was in the preparation of leaving the mortal body. The sangat were sad as Guru Ji’s physical condition was deteriorating. Guru Ji opened His eyes and bestow His blessed glimpse on all his sewaks (devotees) whenever they came to do sewa (selfless service). Some said that Guru Ji would be leaving the body soon that there was limited time to have Guru Ji’s darshan. Guru Ji ordered that Mesand Gurbakhs Mal (Guru Ji’s representative, preacher and collector of tithes and offerings) as well as other Sikhs be informed of Guru Ji’s desire to leave and that they may come and meet Guru Ji for the last time. Listening to this, Guru Ji’s sewaks were saddened and broke down. This message was delivered to Guru Ji’s mother and others. Everyone was saddened and heartbroken when they heard the news. Mesand Gurbakhs Mal was also very upset and cried. Sikhs from all over Delhi came for Guru Ji’s final darshan they were all disheartened with solemn faces, all were quiet and their visions were locked to have a glance of Guru Ji’s beautiful face. When Raja Jai Singh and his associates heard the news they were all so worried that they decided to come and meet Guru Ji.
By the time the Raja of Jaipur arrived, the place was overflowing. Guru Ji was informed of Raja Jai Singh’s and other devotees arrival in large numbers. Their wish to see Guru Ji was granted. Guru Ji asked His sewaks to lay lots of large mats for everyone to sit on and have their wishes granted. Everybody was called in. Guru Ji woke up and sat up to give everyone His darshan. Raja Jai Singh saw Mesand Gurbakhs Mal; he took his hand and both entered the hall where Guru Ji was. They were followed by the Sangat. Everyone was so concerned. Everyone noticed Guru Ji’s body that was full of blisters which were still unbroken, some blisters were small while others were big. All bowed with folded hands and were amazed that even in this condition Guru Ji’s face was glimmering and its radiance was the same as before.
The congregation sat around Guru Ji. Everyone was just gazing at Guru Ji without saying anything. Referring to the purpose of Raja Jai Singh coming, Mesand Gurbakhs Mal, with utmost respect uttered, “Guru Ji, you are sovereign of all, we, normal human being are not in a position to say anything. But as devotees, we would like to express our feelings to you, the doer of all actions. Earlier Gurus, whom were eligible devotees while others were eligible sons, sat on Gurship throne after they were proved to be the right candidate. Before they left their physical bodies, they passed the Gurship throne first so that the Sangat and Masands receive their guidance and have their sorrows eradicated. Today Raja Jai Singh and other devotees in the form of your Sangat are here, please have mercy and fulfill our request, don’t leave so soon, we require your presence. Guru Ji still has so many years to grow older, get married and then have children. Only after that when the time is considered ideal, nominate a successor Guru and then only think in mind to leave Guru Ji’s sacred body. Guru Ji is authoritative over the matters of birth and death, Guru Ji has the command to decide when to take birth and leave the body. Referring to the latter, we are putting across our humble request; otherwise Guru Ji is supreme and may decide what to do.”
Mesand Ji continues, “Guru Ji has the ability to revive the dead, that is if Guru Ji wants to. This statement is not new; it’s a normal situation that has taken place a lot of times. How would I mention all the names of the persons that had been revived from the death? This reality is not hidden as it is well known. Guru Ji is the owner of all powers. Many had been revived and there is no doubt about this ability in Guru Ji. Guru Ji is still young in age, that’s why I mentioned it, so that Guru Ji would reconsider Guru Ji’s desire.” Guru Ji listened to the request, while the congregation sat in silence. All were focused on Guru Ji’s lotus like face filled with flowing radiance of pure love and a glance worth granting all marvels. Everyone was anxious to listen to Guru Ji’s reply. Treasure of all blessings; Guru Ji spoke while the Sangat listened in full concentration.
“Sangat’s request is legitimate but be known of Waheguru Ji’s Will. There are many reasons to my decision of leaving this body, it won’t be appropriate that I explain them. Gurship is immortal in this world; it will be glorious day by day. Sangat’s desires will be continually fulfilled and devotees will obey and follow Guru Ji’s teachings. Guru Granth

After speaking at length throughout the night, Guru Ji announced “Dear Sangat Ji, the pre-determined moment to merge into the formless form (Jothi Jot) has arrived”. Hearing this, Mataji became very sad as she looked at her son Guru Ji. She could not hold back her tears at the thought of separation. Due to the condition of Guru Ji, Mataji was very saddened.
Guru Ji is as the Almighty. Young and old, everybody bowed before Guru Ji. Guru Ji the knower of all was capable of making the lowest of low to become the most reputable. Guru Ji decides when he comes and when he goes. Mataji knows the glory of her son, who had in depth knowledge of everything. Guru Ji has the knowledge of the past, present and future. Guru Ji had the power and everyone knew this.
Mataji came and sat near Guru Ji and kept looking at Guru Ji’s beautiful face which was beaming with radiance and an eternal glow. Guru Ji’s face did not show any sort of sorrow. Mataji spoke with total humbleness and said “Dear Son (Guru Ji), please listen to my plea. You are ever powerful and the owner of the universe. When I asked you earlier, you stopped me. How am I going to live without you? I get bliss and happiness by seeing you. When your father merged into His eternal form, I did not feel so bad as you were bestowed the Gurship. But now you too are merging into your formless form (leaving for sachkhand), I will be drowned with sadness. It was my big fortune that I came to the house of Guru Ji. Then You were born and happiness knew no bounds. But now without You I will drown in sadness. Who will bring me happiness now? Without seeing You, how will I live? I will suffer like a fish without water.”
Seeing Mataji so saddened Guru Ji uttered words to comfort His mother and share ultimate knowledge, “This body is perishable, the main reason of our suffering is because of attachment with physical forms. One who abandons the physical attachment and observes the existence of formless Almighty within the entire creation attains eternal bliss. There is so much peace in realizing the truth (Almighty) where there is no cycle of death and birth.” Saying this Guru Ji took away the attachment feelings and gave Mataji divine knowledge. Mataji was overwhelmed and could not utter any words as all her worldly barriers were taken away and she obtained the highest spiritual state (Turia – which is beyond the state of unconscious, sub-conscious and unconscious). She saw the greatness of her son.
When it was one hour past midnight Guru Ji started preparing to leave His body and merge into His formless forms (Nirgun). The disciples reverently stood there with folded hands and heads bowed in inexpressible sorrow. He hinted to the Ragi’s (minstrels) to sing Gurbani related to the divine call:

Let no one cry for me, after I breath my last;That would not please me in the least, a friend who desires his friend to be esteemed,
is pleased when his friend goes to Master to receive the robe of honor
Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji: Ramkali Sadd Ang 923

When Mataji felt that Guru Ji had left his body, she said to the devotees, “Look at Guru Ji there is no more breath in Him, I know that.” Then they removed the piece of material from Guru Ji’s glowing face, and realized that Guru Ji was not breathing. But His body was beautiful and glowing as always. They then covered Guru Ji’s face. Everybody was very sad and tears were flowing down their cheeks. Those standing outside and at the door heard the commotion and they knew what had taken place. They started to recite Almighty’s Name, Waheguru.


Guru Sahib was cremates at a place called Tilokheri, on the banks of Jamuna River now known as Gurdwara Bala Sahib. Sandalwood was collected and placed very neatly on the ground. A funeral pyre using the sandalwood was prepared as Japji Sahib was recited. With much sadness they brought down Guru Ji’s body which they were carrying on their shoulders and laid it on the funeral pyre. As was the tradition ghee was put on Guru Ji’s body. The final Ardaas (prayer) was read by Bhai Gurditta Ji, the Master of Ceremonies before the pyre was lit.
After this the sewak’s bowed to Guru Ji and proceeded to the Jumna River to take a bath. After this they all departed to go back to their homes. On their lips were Guru Ji’s good deeds and they kept thinking about him. Thousands of people met with Guru Ji’s mother (Mataji) to give her support. Diwan Dargah Mal left for Bakala as per the words of of Guru Sahib that ‘Baba will be foundBakala

Gurdwara Bangla Sahib
Raja Jai Singh dedicated his Palace (Haveli) to the eternal memory of Guru Har Krishan Ji and it is now known as Gurdwara Bangla Sahib. Thousands of pilgrims are seen pouring in from all parts of the world everyday to pay homage to the Eternal Spirit of Guru Har Krishan Ji whose magnificent blessings are still being showered to all without any discrimination. Food and water of grace is distributed in abundance every day.


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