Caught between Jihad and Jobs- Story Of anonymous accounts on Social media

The heavy restrictions on Internet and Social media in Jammu and Kashmir after the abrogation of article 370 have been a topic of criticism on most occasions forcing the governor led administration to review the situation every now and then.

Interestingly, the present regime of BJP at centre has not succumbed to Kashmiris and is very clear about ‘restoration of internet’ on full scale. It is a kind of give and take deal with Kashmiris, making it clear that signs of peace will pave way for better future. There are many critics of this policy including the dynasts of Kashmir and other small political groups, but this seems to work for Delhi.

New Delhi just dropped 4G for twin districts of Ganderbal and Udhampur in response to the report submitted by security agencies that these districts have fared well as compared to others. As per unconfirmed reports, Jammu and Budgam could be next.

‘Give and take’ policy might not have shown any results in lowering down the terrorist attacks on armed personnel as well as the democratic workers but it surely has given some food for thought to kashmiri leadership as well as awaam.

Government has been proactive in finding the social media abuse and glorification of terror by Kashmiris. In the month of July alone 23 Kashmiris were arrested for posting content that is ‘anti India’. It should be understood that no regime has cared to censor what Kashmiris talk on social media.

And this iron fist policy in handling media has sent shivers in Kashmiris. The unemployment is at its all time low of 17% in Kashmir. With no major industry and tourism in ruins due to continued blackout followed by Covid-19, government jobs is the only thing rescuing Kashmiris.

A large number of Kashmiris appeared for army recruitment recently. The numbers are disappointing for pro aazadi leadership who have been silent for a long time.

It has finally come down to choosing between Jihad and Jobs for Kashmiris due to the conditions set by Delhi. Many Kashmiris have been suspended for posting content that violates the national security. Most recent one has been a Block Development officer. Kashmiris who used to share the stories of Burhan wani proudly flaunting their own self in display pictures have subtly started sharing the recipes of kashmiri cuisine.

There has been a steep rise in number of anonymous accounts operating from Kashmir. For example- Twitter has seen 37% rise in anonymous accounts that talk about key word Kashmir. Interestingly most of these accounts use Pakistan as location. Facebook has seen even greater rise of 41%.

It can thus be concluded that there is hope and the measures put in by Delhi might appear little hard at times but they have started bearing fruits.

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