Resolution Of Sikh State by SGPC in 1946

March 9th, 1946, Sri Amritsar, Panjab 

Resolution No. 18


The general house of the Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee met under the presidency of Jathedar Mohan Singh Nagoke on March 9, 1946 at the S.G.P.C. headquarters, Teja Singh Samundri Hall, Amritsar. This meeting was attended by 80 elected members of the S.G.P.C.

Sardar Basant Singh of village Kukkar proposed the following resolution:

“The present political state of affairs in the country hold out ominous portents for all nations, including the Sikhs. In view of the revolutionary changes which are occurring in the country and realising the need to protect Sikh identity: 

A. The Shiromani Gurdwara Prabandhak Committee (S.G.P.C.) declares that the Sikhs are a nation;
B. This general house of the S.G.P.C. considers it imperative to have a Sikh state to preserve the main Sikh shrines, Sikh social practices, Sikh self-respect and pride, Sikh sovereignty and the future prosperity of the Sikh people. 

Therefore this house appeals to the Sikh people to endeavour to achieve the goal of a Sikh state.” 

The aforesaid resolution was seconded by S. Amar Singh Dosanjh. He said that under the present circumstances, the establishment of a Sikh state is necessary for the protection and propagation of the Sikh religion. He further opined that Sikhs are a nation and possess all the attributes of nationhood. He emphatically stated that any attempt to dub the Sikhs as a branch of a Hindu tree is an attempt to denigrate our separate identity and a ploy to assimilate us into the vastness of Hinduism. The Sikh people cannot progress and prosper as slaves of another nation. Our numerical minority cannot be hindrance to the formation of a separate Sikhs state. We are entitled to the same share as that of the majority community. 

S.Gurdit Singh of Jhang Maghiana said that the resolution with the approval of the Sikh Sangat should be put forward in the next meeting. 

S. Gurdial Singh Rajoana extended his support to the resolution. 

S. Sohan Singh Jalal Usram, S. Wazir Singh Montgomery and S. Santa Singh Bhangali said that this important resolution must be put forward only with the approval of the Sikh Sangat. 

Speaking in favour of the resolution, Giani Kartar Singh said that soon discussions and deliberations are to take place regarding the new political status of Hindustan and therefore such an important issue must not be postponed. The considered opinion of the S.G.P.C. must be formulated and circulated among the Sikh national leadership. Our idea and conception of the Sikh state is clear and unhindered. Sikhs are a nation, as such the Sikh people and the clean-shaven with shorn hair are the only two nations. It is crucial to have a territory wherein Sikhs can live freely and be masters of their own destiny. 

S. Kartar Singh Jhabbar also gave his consent to the resolution. 

*The Resolution was put to voice vote and was unanimously passed by show of hands. 

(- SIGNED -)
S. Beant Singh, Member Jathedar Mohan Singh Nagoke, President
S. Amar Singh Dosanjh, Member
J. Gurdit Singh Jhang Maghiana, Member
Gurdial Singh Rajoana, Member
S. Sohan Singh Jalal Usram, Member
Wazir Singh Montgomery, Member
S. Santa Singh Bhangali, Member

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