Bhai Barjinder Singh Parwana arrest has raised serious questions on Punjab Police and Justice for Sikhs

Bhai Barjinder Singh Parwana is the head of Damdami Taksal Rajpura area. Parwana is a Sikh preacher and an activist who has stood firm against injustice against Sikhs. Parwana has been very vocal against UAPA and justice for victims of 1984. Bhai Parwana has been constantly raising questions about the sacrilege incidents in Punjab and as such was always in limelight of panthic circles.

Bhai Sahib was arrested in a very dramatic manner from Mohali sector 68 when he was sitting in his car with his driver Jaspreet Singh and another Davinder Singh. The three men were arrested by team of Mohali police. Immediately after his arrest in Mohali, his home at Rajpura was raided by Police. The police raid continued for about 4-5hours. As per the lawyers of Bhai Sahib the laptops of Bhai Sahib’s children have been seized as well. The raid left traumatic effect on Bhai sahib’s family because police did not explain the purpose nor revealed the whereabouts of Bhai Sahib.

Bhai Sahib was kept in Balongi police station but police kept denying that he was there. Police maintained that an FIR has been registered against him under sections 153, 505 and 120.

Bhai Sahib was presented in Kharar court on 10th July where police demanded 5 day custody citing that it wants to take Bhai Sahib to Rajasthan Border, Pak border and some other places to establish some links. Police presented the recovered items as evidence. The items being 5 ATM cards, a cheque book, 3 licensed weapons. No information was released about Davinder singh on 10th July. Driver Jaspreet singh was released on the same day. Jaspreet singh maintains that he knows nothing and that he was not dealt harshly by police. Parwana meanwhile has said that police has forced him to sign some documents.

On 14th June Barjinder singh Parwana was presented in the court. The govt counsel argued that Bhai Sahib be kept in police custody as links are still to be established. The counsel argued that the case against Bhai Sahib is based on three main points-

1. The police presented the video of Bhai Sahib tearing the posters of “Terrorism Khaatma Divas” on 6th June (Anniversary of Operation Blue Star) as recent one and argued that the video disturbs the communal harmony in Punjab. It is noteworthy that posters were put out by Shiv Sena Punjab to instigate Sikhs on the anniversary of the day when Akal Takht was stormed and bombed by Govt of India.

2. Police argued that Bhai Sahib was instigating Public during Gurdaspur beadbi Case. Bhai sahib’s facebook account called for justice and had blamed police for shifting entire blame on Sikhs for killing of an army man who was accused of beadbi. Bhai Sahib had called the allegations of lynching of army man as false and an effort by Punjab police to register false cases against Sikhs.

3. Police argues that Bhai Sahib will be taken to borders of Pakistan along Rajasthan and Punjab to identify locations and some people. Lawyers of singh argued that police had not taken singh to any location in the 5 day custody that it had.

After hearing the arguments the court decided to extend the police custody by two more days. The legal team of Singh is confident that singh will be out very soon. The team also stressed that they will be pressing writ petition against the officials for harassing a citizen who stands for Sikhs.

The rumour mills and the Indian Right wing propaganda to vilify Sikhs has started in this case as well. The notorious OpIndia has called singh a Bhindranwale supporter in a bid to tarnish his image. It is noteworthy that many Singhs are lingering in the jails without any trial or establishment of their crime due to laws like UAPA. It is therefore important for all Sikhs to raise voice for justice in case of Barjinder singh. DSGMC president Manjinder singh Sirsa called out the ruling congress govt of Punjab and assured full legal support to Bhai Parwana.

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