Opinion: Farmer leaders need to steer clear of Khalistan Bogey

Farmers protest has completed seven months on the borders of Delhi. Farmers have resolved that they won’t leave the borders until the three farm laws are repealed and MSP law is made.

The beginning of monsoon session of Indian Parliament was awaited by all farmers and supporters of Farmers Protest. In order to intensify the agitations against the three laws SKM had announced a march to the parliament on 22nd July.

This announcement by SKM had varied reactions from all sections of society and media. The right wing Indian media was quick to call the farmers as anarchists drawing parallels with the Republic Day parade that had gone wrong due to actions of Delhi Police.

The farmer leaders however did not want the protests to be derailed due to any untoward incident and hence had series of meetings with Delhi Police wherein the permissions were sought for the March. After two days of deliberations Delhi police granted the permission to hold parallel Kisan Sansad at Jantar Mantar. Notably the farmers were seeking permissions for protesting at Jantar Mantar on Nov 26, 2020.

Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) got active on social media announcing rewards for farmers for hoisting Khalistan flag on Indian Parliament. The message was amplified by some random accounts on social media. SFJ trend has not been surprising as this was the same method used earlier during Republic Day parade as well.

Farmer leader Ruldu Singh Mansa who has been protesting with farmers since the beginning of Farmers Protest tried to caution farmers about SFJ’s notorious intent to sabotage farmers protest. However in his speech he did not use the names and implied that Sant Bhindranwale got 25,000 sons of Punjab killed for his selfish reasons. KTV reported the speech which created backlash from the panthic circles and community.

Ruldu Singh Mansa was suspended from SKM for expressing the views that do not go in line with Farmers Protest and its agenda, however that did not calm down the tempers. In his follow up clarification interview with KTV, he clarified that he was not talking about Sant Bhindranwale but Jagjit Singh Chouhan. Mansa said that he like all Sikhs respects Sant Bhindranwale for his valour and fight at Morcha in 1984.

Farmers protest has been a hot mix of all the communities and ideologies, many of which are like oil and water. Khalsa Ideology and Communist ideology for an example have always come face to face in morcha of farmers. Khalsa has been spearheading the Morcha with langar, funding from Sangat and unconditional support from the Diaspora, this however has not stopped the communist ideologies to push their subtle agendas, be it giving Sonia Mann the space, celebrating her father or raising Khalistan Bogey. It is important for SKM to keep a balance and take the Morcha ahead

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