The rising protests force SGPC to accept the 3 demands of Sikh Sadbhavna Dal

The protests by Sikh Sadbhavna Dal have intensified with many Sikh organisations and youth joining them in large numbers. SAD has launched agitations against SGPC’s move to demolish Guru Ram Das sarai and to preserve the historical structures unearthed from the digging behind Akal Takht Sahib.

The SSD has passed three resolutions against SGPC after which it was decided that jatha of eleven members of SSD will protest every day at the excavation site, however on the very first day of the protests ie 4th Aug, the members were arrested by police from Galliara when they were approaching the excavation site.

Noticing the law and order situation the deputy commissioner of Amritsar Gurpreet Singh Khaira and DSP of Police called upon both the parties ie three members from SSD and three members from SGPC to resolve the issues without creating law and order problems. Bhai Balvinder Singh Bhujed, Bhai Bachitar singh Sangrur, and Bhai Baljit singh of SSD met SGPC’s chief secretary Harjinder singh Dhami and Parikrama manager Gurvinder Singh.

SGPC agreed to the three demands of SSD in the meeting. The demands were agreed upon verbally. The demands accepted are

1. SGPC agreed that it won’t undertake any construction work on historical buildings without consulting the panel of Amritsar district administration and will also include two members of SSD in the discussions.

2. SGPC verbally agreed that it won’t demolish the Ram Das Sarai without consultations with historians and architects and won’t weaken the claim of 32,000 crores that is filed with GOI to compensate for damages during 1984 army assault.

3. SGPC agreed to put out the detailed plan on board where the Shoe house is made. The plan of Shoe house along with the uncovered historical site will be installed in three days as agreed by SGPC

SSD has maintained that no written assurance of the demands has been given by SGPC and hence the daily jatha of 11 Singhs will continue to protest until written assurance is given.

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