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I was impressed with fellow blogger @Aaron with his post on which of the two social networking platforms will die first, he opined facebook to live longer than twitter and supported his view with following :
1> Community :
We all want to be part of community and building communities on facebook is much easier than making lists on twitter. The huge downfall on twitter might be its simplicity, because when more people join and follow others the stream will be too cluttered and news will be harder to get out. I feel twitter needs to do something to address this problem soon. Facebook knew of this problem so they added a feature to view recent feeds based on wall posts, photos, fan pages etc.
2> More people
Facebook has more people using it, roughly six hundred million users compared to twitter with only two hundred million.
3> Closer relationship
I use facebook to connect with my friends. Facebook allows me to view their photos and more personal update as compared to twitter.
4> Simplicity doesn’t always rule.. innovation does
I don’t feel simplicity has any place in technology, if you have no upgrades you will lose out in the longer run. Look at the fate of MySpace and friendster.
5> People don’t get twitter
One of the most frequent questions I get from people on twitter or from my friends is “I don’t know what to do on twitter”. The reason is simple because some don’t really feel need to connect or to network with new people or people they don’t know
6> Variety of things to do on facebook
There are so many things we can do on facebook such as
Different applications

My views

I however don’t hold the same opinion as my friend Aaron does:
I don’t find any reason why one has to die if other has to live. I however believe that with time twitter will definitely have an edge over facebook due to its simplicity and better connectivity.
1> Who needs communities?
Facebook upgraded its groups to next level but goes on to carry the groups that it already had which are now nothing more than the vestigial limbs of this huge networking site, these types of groups can’t be created now but facebbok decided to keep the already existing one’s and upgraded new groups!! Groups and communities do serve an important purpose but facebook is losing its ground in moderating the basic motto of the groups, almost 9 out of the ten group invites or the page invites are meant to promote the products and if not they are useless with pointless information.
2> More people more problems
Cockroaches outnumber humans on earth, does this mean they are superior species??
The user base of twitter is intelligent if not useless which is unlike facebook, ask anyone and they have a facebook account, ask them the reason for it and you hear things like “friends, dating bla bla”
Facebook is static, just compare the timeline of your twitter account with the newsfeed of your facebook account!! There is essentially no growth on facebook, you remain limited with your interests and finding people with similar interests may make you a stalker at the end of the day!! If you want to be friends with someone you met at party, facebookis for you.
3> How close are relationships on facebook?
If you are wondering facebook scores in this area, you are wrong again. The relationships are not close on facebook they just seem to be closer because of the limited small facebook ecosystem. Everytime you work in facebook ecosystem you will come back to your home page where you find newsfeed filled with what your friends did and to keep relationships really close, facebook has a feature called as topnews which tells you breaking news about who ditched your friend and likes, in simple terms facebook just doesn’t let you expand. How many times has it happened that you access something on facebookand you have to leave facebook? Rarely no?
Facebook has killed web as well.
Compare this with twitter where all you have to do is to follow links and get out like free bird on the web, twitter lives upto its birdy image.
4> Simpler the better
Twitter finishes all your stories in just 140 characters which is quite unlike of facebook and other sites. Twitter hence is simpler and may even replace sms form of communication. If we are talking about simplicity we should talk it in technological sense:
Facebook upgrades are released after every two months, facebook keeps upgrading its things and features. Twitter just switched to its new form, twitter takes time to upgrade its features. Just give it a thought, Why are upgrades needed at all? It answers you why twitter is better.
5> No time waste on twitter:
There may be variety of things that facebook offers to its users including games, applications and quizzes, most of these are made by third parties and faceboo just hosts these and trades off the information of the users for its purposes. Follow the link:
Facebook Doesn’t Need to die for twitter And Twitter Doesn’t need to change just to attract crowd!! Period.


Facebook Application fatigue

Posted: February 1, 2011 in Social networking

If you are one of those fellows who hates to see his facebook profile full of application requests, this is a good read for you: I have just over two hundred friends on ‘facebook’ and yet I still can’t see any point to it. off late I have been logging in just to clear the backlog of invitations to pointless applications that allow me to find out ‘who will try to murder me’ and ‘who will try to save me’ and the likes, like I am requested to open something called as ‘lifebox’, which pops out with ‘gift’ for the day. This is not just it, if you want me to mock some other applications with meagre code and functionality I am all ready for it, I don’t quite understand how people let ‘third party’ websites to access their information and too without their consent. Facebook is already trading off your information, isn’t that enough for you kiddo?? Or don’t you feel ‘noise’ on the otherwise social network or is it just me who am having this weird feeling? I don’t know how many of you consider ‘facebook’ a boring venture now, but I never did and my feelings changed like anything after two years of existence on the network. There is no extension to the network beyond the people who already know you somehow or there is some connectivity, I believe ‘facebook’ gives you no functionality to demonstrate your value to the broader network and this is very unlike of other social networks like ‘Digg’ and ‘StumbleUpon’ or twitter for that purpose where you follow people and get followed purely because of common interests, inspirations and purposes. ‘Facebook is effectively static’ as written by Robin Cannon, who blogs regularly on his site ‘fog of eternity’, and add to this static nature, the application part of the facebook. If I am not lying, my profile reads as 251 application requests and 233 game requests and a few cause requests as well, who is to blame for it all, not the sending parties, they obviously are caught in the viral trap of the applications that demand them to send requests to twenty or ten people before installation to their profile nor or the people who develop these applications for facebook, it is their business, they do it in fair or unfair way and it works for them! The site is popular with such people because it is effectively a provider of simple and time wasting entertainment, few of the applications provide any functionality and those applications are so easily lost in the morass that they can’t develop. There are evidences that facebook users are beginning to suffer from something called as ‘application fatigue’. And there is growing discontent on the amount of noise that ‘application platform’ has generated in the facebook ecosystem. The facebook platform allowed application developers to flood the site with the applications both useful and not<7 out of ten are useless> and because of the way it was set up, the platform encouraged the developers to trick the users into sending out mass invites, this increased the noise on the network to tenfold and decreased the enjoyment of social networking for some people. I am not the first one to show the discontent with all this, I am sure if you are reading this you too belong to same class, in just over a month 65thousand people have joined the group, ‘No I will NOT invite twenty friends just to add your application’, and more than42232 people have signed a petition calling on facebook to step in and stop developers from using this viral scheme of things for their own gains. Facebook currently has some 16thousand applications on board, how many of them are useful?? How many of them are just disguised advertisements and information sucking tools?? How many of them are facebook approved?? How many of them are you using?? Now a real bad part of the applications: Besides annoying users like me with spam and scam every day and not to mention of the notifications that I get when I automatically become someone’s best friend just because I happen to like his status update most times and get tagged in someone’s murderer application, ahh it annoys me like nothing else, I am ready to baby sit for a day but spare me of these application requests and trauma!! Now I happened to search for some good applications on facebook, spent some days in this venture, no doubt I found some of them, of course I needed a dummy profile to experiment with all that devil developers develop and protect people in my list from getting really annoyed on my research, I found something which is quite a thing to worry or panic, you can say so.. yeah most of the facebook applications do not have a published ‘privacy policy’, after all privacy policy is where the company spells out exactly what they can and will do with your personal user information. The top 25 facebook applications disappointed me a bit, 36% of them have no published privacy policy and just offer you a link after you authorize the application, it was hard to believe that 12 of these facebook applications are facebook verified which obviously means that they are trustworthy when it comes to sharing information, but where is your privacy policy boss?? How facebook defends itself. There is an anonymous blogger who is owner of the site referred to as ‘social hacking’, he writes in his blog that “facebook’s ‘Application Terms Of Service” warns you<shouts at you in UPPERCASE> that “ALL PLATFORM APPLICATIONS ARE PROVIDED AS IS” and AGREE THAT YOU DOWNLOAD, INSTALL AND/OR USE ANY PLATFORM APPLICATIONS AT YOUR OWN DISCRETION AND RISK” Within your privacy settings you’re also informed that: “When you authorize an application, it will be able to access any information associated with your account that it requires to work. The application can access information like your personal info and photos as well as your friend’s personal info, depending on their settings” But the question still remains, why doesn’t facebook make applications offer their own privacy policy?? Although it is not in the best interests of facebook to do so and not really feasible at this stage but there is something that it can do, there is already a link “report this application” provided at the bottom of the application pages. The link currently allows the users to report privacy violations, so why not let users report for the lack of privacy policy as well?? Although the majority of users would still probably never look at the privacy policy even if the changes were made, having them consistently and prominently displayed would at least put some pressure on developers about how they are going to use the information of the users.   Solution Most of the facebook applications are lame, if not they are stupid time wasters and spamming machines, however there are few applications that are good to use and you will feel good using them, here is the list I could gather from internet, I am not using any of these so it is entirely as per some prominent users and bloggers review!! Don’t forget to read “privacy policy”

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