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acid attack on  MBA student

My name is Ayesha, Riya, Gurpreet or leave it, it doesn’t matter what my name is or which part of this great country of ours i belong to, I AM A GIRL! I’m helpless creature, a baby bearing machine and an object of sex. This definition fits every action that man does or has ever done to me and my likes.
I am a slave;i’m born as a slave and i die as slave. Dear men, please do not feel bad for any action of your’s, you’re just repeating what they have been doing all along the ages and i don’t blame you for having the cemented and concrete shallow mindset about me. Why call it an attack? I was just taught a lesson using acid as a medium, so lets settle it to be perfectly alright.
Actually i deserve acid to be spilled on my face every time i step out of my house and forget to cover my head with hijab or duppata. I blame my father and brother for not beating the hell out of me at first place for stepping out like that. How could i ever step out like that?

Dear fellow men in school and college, i suggest you to ask get a little bottle of acid packed along with lunch and teach me a lesson if i wear a short skirt to school or wear jeans to college. It is your responsibility to teach me a lesson today, you’re the guardian of morals and culture so please do not let me stray away.

I deserve acid attack every time i refuse advances from men in buses and shopping malls. How can i ever think of refusing people of God?

I deserve acid attack every time i refuse to marry you just because i do not love you. I deserve a stronger acid this time. How can i refuse this? I am sorry because i tend to forget that love is not meant for me, i don’t get to choose for myself.

And you know, i love the taste of acid so much that i deserve it even if i do not stray away from your created norms and morals. I feel so bad that government made laws scrapping acid sale and now my dear men have to struggle so hard to get it for us.

Dear men, i am sorry!


Nb : This post is purely for humor purposes with no references to anyone who has invited me for dinner till date and well, after reading this I am pretty sure no one will ever make the mistake again!!!

“A dinner invitation once accepted is a sacred obligation”__—___ some wise person!!!

Anything that breaks monotony is always welcome in an engineer’s life and if you talk about breaking the jinx of self made food then this call for dinner invitation was the best thing that happened to me in last few days!!! I was really sick of self made, rather under prepared food and mostly rely on junk and you know what repeating junk for 7 days a week, three times a day actually means!!!!:( I love festive season for an ‘odd invite’ that it brings along for ‘d bachelor’!!!

“please do come, awryt”, my uncle just called me to confirm that I was not disappointing them big time like I did every time by missing almost all of the family gatherings and dinners and everything else that is reffered to as socializing according to my parents and few close friends!!

I maintained a ‘not so desperate profile’ and believe me it is the hardest thing to do when every digestive juice of yours is crying inside for something that actually tastes good, hence my tongue betrayed my ‘fake’ self and I confirmed the acceptance of dinner invitation!!!

And there I was knocking on the door after an hour or so after the call. Desperation and excitement make you do silly things, and this is what exactly I did, I preferred knocking on the door when an electric door bell was installed on the gate, to be really honest I did not notice it!!. It took them 5 minutes to notice that a creature was struggling with the gate and my uncle finally opened the door and hugged me, he pointed me to walk upto the house and checked the door bell to see if it was out of order or his ‘little boy’ was crazy!!

Fortunately he has never mentioned the line that has the power to embarrass me in every possible corner where I have little respect, the line, “beta door bell was working, why did not you use it??”

The only thing that was on my mind was good food and this sure was not on my uncle and aunty’s mind. Night actually becomes a nightmare when you are thought to be very wise and thoughtful person and I had to live it all from the moment I entered the room, and believe me living wise when you actually aren’t that wise demands a skillful way of lying and cheating!!! (fact)!! Soon aunty ji pointed to tv and said, “This modern generation!! Ah look at them, is this music??”

Both of them looked at me for an answer that would establish that they were right in blaming the generation next for everything that they showed up on tv!!

Believe me, if not for that dinner, I would have never lied! Ah selfish me!! “This is really indecent uncle”, I replied and changed the tv channel to some news channel to kill the root cause of talks like this!!!

On dining table finally!!!!

I prided myself when I finally got on to that dinner chair, there were three chairs around the table, meant for all three sophisticated people who talk sense before dinner and make their guests wait like anything!! I believe people actually make you wait for the dinner because it serves them two things, first since you have waited for so long it is unlikely that you will waste the food. Secondly, pre dinner and post dinner conversations actually have a little history, history of love, history of times when people invited relatives and friends not just to dine with them but be with them, I mean everyone has his own square meal no?, why to invite someone to come and eat your pockets away!!! Pure love which has turned to nothing more than a formality!!!

Anyways I had waited really long to get on this chair which I valued like a chief minister values his political chair!!! I do not remember clearly but I discussed politics, religion, society and cousins along with all other things which had no relevance either with me or my hosts, like for example I tried explaining them the concept of “routing” and congestion when he asked about some layman electronic thing!!! Thus to say I actually earned my dinner after wise talks of two hours. I wish I had the recordings of all the ‘wise talking’ I did I could have easily made it to the higher levels of ministry of divinity!!!

Ah!! Finally dinner arrived, uncle and aunty made every possible effort to make my plate look like well decorated and full 200rs hotel trademark dinner plate!! I saw love and care when they were flooding my plate with everything they had prepared, I never wanted to get carried away by emotions and in order to help myself I started lying about the doctors who once had advised me to stay away from oily food and fish!! “amazing!! It always helps!!!”

I had one of the best dinner’s of my life!!!

I hope people keep me inviting!!!


Do not waste food.

Do not accept dinner invitations if you cant talk good!!

Keep decency at home if you really want to enjoy food!!!!


via Life unfolded..

Moscow, Russia.
May 9,2010
It was a fine morning and I was walking down the subway to catch a train to Moskovsky, it’s neighbor city at a distance of about 5 minutes if you prefer to go by train. I was in one of the worst possible moods that a guy can ever be in. Earlier in morning I had found that my refrigerator was out-of-order and everything eatable in it was no more so, it is a sad start to a day for someone living without his wife and away from his home country, oh for those who don’t know, I belong to the nation of good and healthy breakfasts and lots of holidays (India).
Nevertheless I walked inside tube and the doors closed with a characteristic tune, I maintained stiff upper lip and refused to smile back at lady who was excited for no reason, I just can’t imagine people smiling at you only on days when you do not want to smile, it is magnanimously unfair.
The doors opened with a characteristic sound along with an announcement in ‘Russian’ followed by ‘English’ and I stepped out, I always loved the voice in ‘English’ announcements, it reminded me of someone who left me to get married to a rich arab when I moved here.
I reached the highway and took taxi to Suite 654, Saints lane, yes that is where my only friend in this alien nation lived. About my friend, she is a Chennai girl who is money crazy and left her parents to work for this company, I liked her, not the way like I would marry her but she was good.
How would you react if you get an invite from a friend for lunch and find her absent at her apartment, *Bad Host*.
She had left the keys and a note saying, “I will be back in a jiffy ”, believe me I have always had problems with this word ‘jiffy’, ‘jiffy’ is different for different people isn’t it? My ‘jiffy’ is three days and 5hrs. I entered and found that her apartment was the cleanest place I had ever seen for an apartment.
Instead of learning something from the interior decoration skills and habits, I tried to ignore the decorum as far as possible, it’s always better for guys to keep their apartments as they are, don’t you guys know anything about entropy, that maximum disorder thing, and that maximum disorder is stability.
For someone who travels this far on an empty stomach, the first and the best place in a house is always the kitchen. I was more disappointed to find out that her ‘Lunch’ party meant ‘Ordering’ soup and bread from hotel, cursing myself for being at her place I walked into take a little nap on extraordinarily clean sofa.
I was just five minutes into this weird nap that I heard footsteps and as I opened my eyes to shout at my friend ‘Irvine kaur’, I found a tall white figure standing in front of my eyes. It was very much like what happens in ‘Bruce almighty’ or the degraded Indian version of the movie, I tried to stand up to ask a thing but I just couldn’t move and talk. I thought it was Irvene who wanted to do some bad to me and had called this magician or whoever he was.
“I am God”, the tall figure said in Dolby digital surround sound.
Whoa I imagined, for someone who hardly prays and thinks no good, meeting God was indeed an accomplishment of life. “and I have come here to see you” he continued.
‘see me’ I just couldn’t talk, not that I had started believing in tall fellow but I just couldn’t, he had firewalled my voicebox somehow.
“You were a believer? Weren’t you?”
“YES”, and I could just utter ‘yes’, I so wanted to explain why I was no more a believer but again the firewall thing.
“Everything you do has a reason and consequences, your consequences are so bad that they cannot equal your reasons for your actions”.
“My actions”, I responded.
“Take some time off your life and visit your past, visit all the lies, visit all the things you broke, see all the people who were good to you, who were bad to you, who were nothing to you”
And before I could say anything the tall figure just vanished and so did the echoing voice.
I shook my head and got up to prepare coffee, It was this feeling of heaviness that I just wanted to let go.
*Characteristic Nokia Tune* and I picked up to say “Hello”
“Are you alright? Thank God! I was so worried, *cry,sobs* I love you”.
It was Irvene and before I could ask ‘why’ she hung up.
In five minutes, Tv Moscow showed a very bad scene near my apartment, some suicide bomber had got in and blown up the whole building down to earth. I just sunk deep into the sofa and thanked God!!

Everything happens for a reason, let nothing shake your belief in God. If you have stopped trusting Him, remember He still loves you like He did when you were a good boy/girl and its time you begged for a sorry.

October 20 was the day when Keenan Santos and Reuben Fernandes were sent to sleep in death’s lap because they happened to stand against the wrong, they happened to be at the right place at the right time. Were these two unfortunate or we all belong to the unfortunate lot? The question is lingering in my mind and i’m searching for its answers.
Public outrage has since grown over the incident, especially with the help of Social Media. On Facebook, a group called ‘Keenan Santos’ has 47,362 members and growing. On Twitter, both ‘#JusticeForKeenanandReuben’ and ‘Keenan and Reuben’ are top trends in India. As the twitter trend #JusticeForKeenanandReuben suggests, the public wants to see justice done, and there is a huge outcry to find the killers of the two men. What was done to these two boys is disturbing, upsetting, enraging and horrific.
I, too, hope that there is justice for Keenan and Reuben. But I hope too that this moment serves as a wake up call for India.
The loss of the lives of Keenan and Reuben should inspire a fight for justice. But let’s make this fight for justice in finding the killers of these two men into a fight for justice for the cause they fought and died for. One in three women faces domestic violence, and even more are faced by violence against women in many different forms—street harassment being one of them. I hope that we find justice for Keenan and Reuben, and in doing so, also seek to find justice for each who faces violence, by each taking a stand, individually and collectively, just as Keenan and Reuben did, to put an end this culture of violence against women. It is saddening that it took such a horrific crime to bring this to public light, but that is what, as a byproduct, it has done. In seeking justice for Keenan and Reuben, we must seek justice for those for whom they fought. It’s time to make a change. It’s time to Wake Up, India.