Top 3 Mistakes you should Never make in Relationships and Business.

1) Don’t Assume.

Assumptions have killed more relationships than cheating partners. Yes let’s be straight on this one, if you have assumed something about your partner with zero context, that is the beginning of you losing them. Once you start assuming things, everything and every situation will fit as per your assumption. These assumptions then become so concrete that they turn into a beliefs and prejudices. This leads you to have a toxic time even after the break up with that one person. Never assume.

It is true for business as well. If you assume about the product or market without context of it, you are going to lose. Number one reason along with other factors for demise of so many young entrepreneurs is that they assume dumb shit. Stop assuming.

2. Don’t Sell.

This is major and I know you are shocked that I’m already telling you to not sell when you just want to tell that person how awesome you are, like how you have saved titanic or whatever feats you’ve achieved. Please know that you are not a job applicant and your life is not a linked in resume. Every time you try to sell yourself or your emotions for time and attention of the other person, you lose. It doesn’t work like that.

It goes for business as well, if you start shouting and telling people to buy this and buy that and buy something else without bringing them any value, no one will buy anything. People are not fool. No one wants to buy without an offered value. Offer value and then people will buy stuff. I always tell people to not buy my books because I can give them for free and yet I tell them if they want to buy, they can go and buy.

3. Don’t forget to put back in relationship and business.

99% of the time or even more like 99.999909% of the time, people lose the value of something when they have it. Imagine getting married to that one guy you dreamt every night and talked upto 06am and then thought of him all day long and then not giving a fuck about him after marriage. You’ve to set the ground rules. Yes I do understand the honeymoon phases as well but people forget to put back into relationships. ROI of Business and relationships will only come back if you put back in the business and relationships. If you are making a sale of 58,000/- INR per month on your e-commerce portal and you are spending all that money on a vacation in Bahamas, you’ve lost. You need to put back 62,000/- if you want your revenue to be 80,000/- next month. It’s true for relationships as well. Put back the value. Don’t drain each other!

This was small write up in my Über because there is nothing better that I do but write and read. Sexy enough? Hit me up! Haha! I’m wishing for times when people would have bio that reads this and people would actually be into such people.

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