Five point advice to young grads

Yes you’ve graduated and you’ve spent heaps of money on that degree, some of you have even gone in debt that you will have to pay after you start working. But it’s not all gold and glitter once you realise that it’s a long queue out there.

Whether you are looking for a job in govt sector or desiring to get into company of your dreams, you will have to face some time that will not only make you tough but also change the way you think.

The most unfortunate thing that happened in my life after my engineering degree was that I got placed in an MNC. MNC’s are not meant for freshers. Agree to it or not, if you decide to join an MNC, you have sabotaged your mindset, your growth, your financials, your scope of doing something better in that time.

I met a law graduate today, and like all other graduates he too looked unhappy, not satisfied with the operational dynamics of systems in place, inadequate and low paying jobs, no respect, and difficulty to thrive without that monthly thrust from parents, not to mention the immense river of criticism and low self esteem that follows.

Look, if you are one of the graduates, I want you to know that none of these adults have sorted their issues. None! They are miserable in their lives too. Live at your own pace. Here is my five point advice to every graduate. I would be talking in context of the law grad I met but I’m sure these five pointers are applicable in all dimensions.

1) Pick up a side Hustle.

I know you are confused; what the fuck does a side hustle even mean! I was confused too, and I was confused for such a long period, don’t function at anyone’s pace.

(This is what I suggested to law grad)

Pick up your phone, switch on the front camera and go record about ICJ judgement that came yesterday. Explain all the judgement like a layman and upload it on your college facebook group, your Instagram, your fucking twitter. Just talk!

2) Don’t be fancy.

It’s the age when you don’t feel sad in spending over lagger and latte but don’t be fancy.

3) Read the fuck out of books. As many as you can.

4) Learn Discipline. Most people imagine that discipline is something that automatically starts the day you join military, you’ve to train yourself on everything that you do. Set goals for yourself and reward yourself.

5) Don’t be hard on yourself.

At your age, they will all come hard on you so the best thing you can do is to be in love with yourself. Love yourself first, love yourself the most.

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