Seven things I want you to know when you are in your 20s

It’s my birthday and I’m giving away seven things that you need to know in your 20s

1. Don’t Work for an MNC

Right! I’m sounding straight off crazy, am I? I mean there you are waiting for next placement season and tags of working for bigger companies and I’m telling you to not work for them.

Okay, this secret comes from an executive level to you, right in your phone. No MNC gives a fuck about how many marks you’ve scored in your engineering or any degree. Honestly the Dev team, the product team doesn’t care how many marks you’ve scored. Look if you are good and you think you’d be taken as per your marks in companies, you are wrong, you are an employee number to a company and worst yet; you’re a fresher and ten of you can be employed in place of an experienced guy with over 6yrs of experience. Then why do companies employ you if they dont need you as much as you think?

The answer to this question lies in the valuation that company shows, trust me whole work load is always managed by few persons in any company (MNC), rest are kept for some time and laid off. The cons of working for such companies is that your learning curve just stops to grow. You get into a mental “better space” where you believe you are “good enough” because you are working for “xyz”, but eventually it backfires on you.

Do I want all of you to go start businesses? No!! Everyone is not meant to start business, some people are better B and C players, not A players. I want all of you to figure out what you love, and then go do that, don’t let that tag of an MNC take away few years of your life.

2. Know where you stand with people and believe people.

Lot of people get pissed off when I tell them that they definitely don’t need to have a girl friend or a boy friend in their 20s. I mean who anointed the ritual and practice of having a girl friend or a boy friend before 30? Look! If you’re in love and the other person feels same about you, go marry even if you are 17yr old but if you are not sure where you stand with people, please please please stop wasting your 20s.

Also it is important to believe people when they tell you that they don’t like you or they don’t love you. I mean yes the movies and novels don’t tell this, they show a different picture but I would like you to believe people the moment they tell you to get out of their life, this will save your time and theirs too. You are not a product and you don’t need to market yourself to be liked or loved by anyone.

3. Love yourself first, love yourself the most.

You want to go watch that stupid movie all by yourself? Go do it! Stop worrying about what Sally_42 thinks about you or what her friends think about you. I most certainly believe that if you’re not in love with yourself, you are most likely to sabotage any relationship, business, or job that you get into.

How do I have the context? It’s not just text! I do know what it means to not be in love with oneself first.

4. Eat Dirt, Don’t be fancy!

So many Starbucks kids won’t like the fact that they are living in $5 coffee land but the truth is that they are. If any part of your lifestyle is sponsored by your parents, your girl friend, you need to think about it without being fancy.

Being fancy is poisonous. And the only reason one is fancy is lack of self awareness because the moment you realise that no one gives a fuck, you start doing real shit.

5. Happiness is the ROI.

Every step you take, every decision you take, please please remember and remind yourself that happiness is the goal. If that one job isn’t bringing you happiness but it’s making your mom proud of you, fuck that job, if your boyfriend isn’t the one you figure or see your life with in next 5yrs, please stop wasting time with someone’s future husband.

6. Stop complaining

This is something I would want everyone to take a pledge and start working at. You can start by not complaining about the slow internet or canceled download at 99%, but please fucking train yourself to not complain.

Do you know that I was a cry baby? I complained so much and at one point my conversation was full of complaints.Complaints don’t do good to anyone

7. You are young as fuck

Always remember that your age is a number. You can start that business at 50,60, 70 yes of age. You can get married at 50 and still be happy. Don’t let anyone’s timeline push you to change the peace in your life to chaos.

I hope you take away these pointers and use them in your life!

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