This change in Instagram is good for your business

I don’t know how many of you noticed this, but Instagram just changed the way you see the posts on the feed. Earlier the Instagram posts used to show up in series and you had to scroll down to go to next post. But now Instagram allows you to swipe left and right to scroll the feed.

What does this mean and how is it good for your business?

This means that your posts get more traction and chances of them getting lost in feed are less. There is no way that your post doesn’t show up in my feed now. I really have to swipe left and right to get rid of that.

How is it good for you?

Start Instagram ads, put in the great content for your business, and hope you make best of this move as long as it remains.

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Instagram quickly fixed the bug but if it could have continued, it would have been good for all of us.

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